Wheels Completely Came Off The Bus Today Due To Inadequate Diet Tracking; Redemption Achieved Nonetheless

Day 322

I’m not even sure what happened today, and I will explain why I don’t know and how to avoid this problem for yourself. To put it in one sentence, I failed to track today and suffered greatly because of it.

I see this over and over again, and the one thing that never fails is that my Pentamize tracking is the real glue that holds things together. Yes, I must have discipline to eat a reasonable amount and maintain a lifestyle that includes effective calorie-burning exercise. But those 2 things (especially diet) can’t be achieved (at least by me) without tracking everything.

I woke up and went to the bathroom and was still 80.6 kg this morning. That is a ridiculous disaster that will have me gaining weight no matter what I do. Sure, I guess I could work out for 3 hours and might burn it off. But my body is not prepared to work out that much in a day. So that’s not going to happen. I am just going to have to gain whatever I gain today and start tracking properly again.

Now, what happened? I mean, I should have been in the 79 range after getting up this morning. But my weight is way over that. Did I overeat? Yes, I am sure I did. But why did I overeat to this degree? The truth is, this is what happens when I don’t track everything. People have disagreed with me, not understanding how important it is to weigh yourself on a daily basis. Yes, some people don’t need this. But that doesn’t mean others don’t need it. I am one of those people, and today is just another example.

In my case, the weigh-ins are necessary even more than once a day. If I want to lose weight or maintain a certain range (around 75 to 77 for me), then the only way I have ever done that over a long period of time is to meticulously track my diet.

I suppose I wouldn’t have to track exercise results every day since I already have a pretty good idea of the results. But food intake varies to a large degree unless you are eating the same thing every day, including relatively the same amount. Thus, lack of tracking on an intraday basis means you are just guessing how you are doing on your diet unless you have some kind of fine-tuned internal system for doing it. I certainly don’t have such a “sixth sense,” so tracking multiple times a day is how I keep tabs on my diet.

Now, I am sitting at 80.6 kg and am destined to gain weight today. Like I said, nothing short of something crazy, like 3 hours of exercise, is going to work. So the damage is done, and I’ll likely have to recover from this over several days.

Let me summarize. If you are very consistent on your diet or exercise (meaning you eat or do the same thing and the same amount every day), then it’s not as important to do Pentamize tracking on a daily or even intraday basis. But if your diet or exercise varies on a regular basis, then tracking becomes more important and may become so vital that it’s an indispensable component of your weight-loss endeavors. It is that vital to me, and today proves it yet again.

Are there days when I do well despite not tracking on a meticulous basis? Yes, but that does nothing for a day like today. That’s like saying it’s okay to run a red light because you just ran a red light and didn’t have an accident. The point is you will eventually have an accident if you keep running red lights.

I was frustrated due to what happened when I woke up. At the same time, my body seemed to have plenty of energy. So I decided to run for 2 hours to make up for these tracking and dieting mistakes. I actually lost 2.1 kg and got all the way down to 78.2 kg. That means I actually lost .3 kg today! Even though negative thoughts had consumed me, I kept my head up and lost all that extra weight, anyway. Of course, it’s not practical to expect to run 2 hours every day. But when it’s time to sacrifice, it’s time to sacrifice.

The result today was achieved despite a lack of diet-exercise balance. Read tomorrow’s blog for more information on the topic of diet-exercise balance and why it is important. But also read this Day 322 blog post again as a good example of why such balance is important. Although turned out to be a success, it took 2 hours of exercise to do it. Is this realistic? Certainly not for me. So better balance is mandatory in the long run.

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