Days 320 and 321: Kind of Stuck Around 78.0, But Things Are Still Good

Like yesterday, it seemed that I was rather hungry. And I probably did overeat some. It seemed I ate more meatballs than usual, and I also had a couple too many spring rolls and a little too much rice. And the last meal was close to 9 at night, which is also not a great idea.

Despite the mistakes, I ended up at about 80.5 kg at bedtime. That was about the same as yesterday. After getting up at about 5:15 in the morning, my weight was 79.6. That is actually better than yesterday, since I woke up about 2.5 hours later yesterday at the same weight.

I have to go to a dental appointment at 10:30 this morning. So my run will have to be pretty early, and my weigh-in will be two hours or so earlier than yesterday. Nonetheless, I will make that my official weigh-in for the day, just like it’s my official weigh-in when doing it a little later than the day before. These differences are usually only about a .1 difference, anyway, and sometimes possibly no difference at all.

By the end of this day, I had broken even when weighing in a couple of hours early. The run started at 79.3 and ended at 78.3. Then, after going to the bathroom, it went down to 78.1 kg. So that was the same ending weight as yesterday.

There is not a lot to report today. So I will do Day 321 in this blog post, as well.

Day 321 ended up being one of my semi-cheat days. While I didn’t totally stuff my face, we did go and check out an Indian restaurant. All in all, I definitely ate way more than a regular day. So this is probably going to cause me to gain weight by the time I finish tomorrow morning’s running session.

Lately, I have been stuck at around 78.0 kg. As I explained in the Day 319 blog post, I lost a bunch of weight (about 5 pounds) the first week after that vacation. Then, that speedy rate of weight loss slowed down. I still lost approximately 1.5 pounds the second week. However, I have been more or less stuck at around 78.0 or 78.1 for days now. This could be due to many reasons. But it is often a simple matter of natural swings that don’t have any obvious cause.

Because of today’s cheat day, I will be going up instead of possibly breaking through to the 77 range. There is almost no way to lose weight today. So I will just regroup after the official weigh-in tomorrow and try to get back to my normal diet.

At 7 in the evening, my weight was 80.8 kg. And that was with one more meal to go. So while the results from excessive eating are bad, they certainly could be a lot worse. I’ll likely end up gaining some weight. But as long as my last meal of the day is pretty small, the gain will likely be pretty small.

The rest of the night was a mixed bag. While I did drop to 80.5 before the last meal, that meal was a little too big. At 10:15 at night, my weight was 81.2.

Overnight, I had a pretty typical drop to 80.3 kg. Then, I started my run at about 80.2 kg. Today was a run that started slow, but my ankle was feeling better as the run progressed. So I finished good and hard in the last 20 to 25 minutes, finishing at about 78.6 kg. That was a big drop of about 1.6 kg. My heart rate was a fast 168 when I checked it at the end of the session, which was actually only 83 minutes instead of the full 90 because I ran so hard and got back early.

After going to the bathroom, I had an official weigh-in of 78.5 kg. That is a weight gain on this partial cheat day of .4 kg. I am pretty happy about that because it could have been much worse. A .4 kg gain is something that I can definitely recover from quickly.

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