Post-Vacation 2-Week Review

Two Saturdays ago, I had gotten back from a London vacation that lasted a total of 6 days. I gained way too much weight over that trip, rising from 77.0 to 81.0, when weighing in on Saturday a fortnight ago. That was a 4 kg increase.

I thought I would review my recovery period up to this point. Overall, it has been very good, with a drop of 3.0 kg, as measured on Saturday morning. That is an average of exactly 1.5 kg per week, which is slightly over 3 pounds per week on average.

Actually, I quickly lost about 5 pounds the first week and then hit a snag. To be more specific, I had a great initial 7 days, losing some weight without even exercising on the first day and then losing weight another 5 days in a row while running. Since that time, my body seems to have gotten back to a more expected routine, with typical ups and downs. I have lost approximately 1.5 pounds in the past week.

Let me compare to other times during my Pentamize tracking. At my peak, I was losing about 2.7 pounds per week. And that was with 50 or so pounds still to lose. Then, as I got closer to my target weight, that slowed down to roughly 2 pounds per week. Finally, once I hit maintenance mode, then it is an alternating cycle of up and down since maintenance phase is different than full weight-loss mode. So it’s not easy to gauge weekly weight loss in maintenance phase because my weight goes up a lot more. But regardless of what it is, the 3 or so pounds per week for the past 2 weeks is excellent. And even the 1.5 pounds or so the past week is an acceptable recovery rate.

I still have an initial recovery goal this time of getting back to 87.0, which is only 1.0 kg more. Then, I will consider how to proceed. The one thing that is certain, though, is that it will have to include a reasonable diet and exercise. Those two components are indispensable in my struggle to keep off weight.

Today’s Summary

I am really hungry today for some reason. As long as it’s a natural feeling that really compels me to eat, I tend to eat to quell that feeling and let the chips fall where they may. However, this can be riskier for some than others. The reason it’s not so risky for me is that this is just an occasional thing. I will overeat on certain days, but it’s hard to make it up since this doesn’t occur to me on a frequent basis.

You should test yourself to make sure you are not overeating 2 or 3 times a week. By this, I don’t mean going a quarter of a pound over your expected food intake because you could just exercise that off. But if you are going a pound or pound and a half over multiple times a week, then this can lead to a persistent problem that can make it hard to maintain weight, much less lose it.

At 7:15, I weighed 80.5 kg and was still a little hungry. This is not looking good. But the results in the morning are also going to depend on other factors, such as what food I ate today and how that affects how much my weight drops overnight. I ate broccoli today and some fruit, and that kind of food obviously doesn’t make you overweight. So my weight might drop quite a bit overnight. But so far, the numbers are not looking good since I need a little more food before finishing for the day.

Despite eating approximately .4 kg of additional food, I went to bed and weighed around 80.5 kg. Overnight, I lost a decent amount and woke up at about 7:45 in the morning at 79.6 kg. A .9 kg drop is decent, but I would have wanted a little more because my weight was 79.2 at about the same time yesterday. I am running later today, though. So there is still time to drop some additional weight before exercising. I kind of expected to gain a small amount today, anyway. But if that hunger was telling me my body needed a little more, then so be it. There’s always a tomorrow to do better.

I was 79.4 at 9:30 in the morning. This at least gets me closer to yesterday’s pre-run mark of 79.2. I’m still in danger of gaining a little, but it’s not so bad considering everything. I have lost a lot of weight the past 2 days (.7 kg). So even if there is a small gain today, it will still be a good loss over the past 3 days.

From a start of about 79.3 kg, I ended my 90-minute run at 78.1 kg. In fact, my session was only 79 minutes today. So I might have lost an additional .1 kg more if I had fully completed 90 minutes. 78.1 was also the ending weigh-in today since I was doing it a little late, anyway. Thus, I had the minimal weight gain today of .1 kg. That is still a solid weight loss over the past 3 days of .6 kg.

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