Lost .5 KG After Yesterday’s Crazy .6 KG Weight Gain

Day 317

Today, I want to give just a small teaser about using a digital bathroom scale before talking about it in more detail in tomorrow’s blog post. A digital bathroom scale has its drawbacks, as these scales don’t give perfectly consistent readings. At the same time, it’s important to use a digital scale, as opposed to one of those scales that only has single lines for each pound or kilogram, because Pentamize tracking cannot be done when only using whole pounds or kilograms. You need to be able to measure in tenths, not just whole numbers. You need to know whether you just lost .5 pounds or .3 kgs. This is the only way to track progress on a daily or semi-daily basis. Now that you know the reason you need a digital scale, look at tomorrow’s blog post for more details on how to properly use one for Pentamize tracking.

Today, my weight when going to bed and waking up was similar to recent days. I was about 80.7 at bedtime and 79.8 when getting up. This is a bit on the high side if you consider that I was down to 78.0 just 3 days ago. But when considering that I rose to 78.7 yesterday, I appear to be in good position to get well below that 78.7 after finishing this morning’s run.

In terms of diet, I have actually done better today than recently because you must factor in the fact that I started at the higher weight of 78.7, as opposed to the 78.0 and 78.1 of the 2 days previous to that. This is a positive sign and shows that I had better diet discipline today. However, I did make a little mistake. I had some pizza even after eating a sandwich in the early evening. So while I may have eaten a little too much, it was decent discipline overall and clearly better than the typical recent day.

Now, I just need to have decent results on my 90-minute run. What would really be bad would be more rain. And it rained hard earlier this morning. But the rain has stopped at the moment. Hopefully, it will stay away until I can get out there. It’s a little after 10 in the morning now, and I plan to run at about 11 to 12:30.

Well, I ran, and it did rain during the middle portion of the workout. But it did not slow me down that much. I finished with a heart rate of about 156. Before the last 20 minutes or so, though, my pace was pretty average. I lost 1.3 kg, getting down to 78.2. And that is a very good weight loss today of .5 kg.

Today was the right time to increase back to 90 minutes, and it was almost enough to be able to go back down to 60 or so again. However, in this spot, I can imagine myself having a chance of getting back into the 77 range. Additionally, tomorrow morning’s weigh-in will be my 2-week post-vacation mark. So it would be nice to have another day of weight loss and gauge my 2-week average. Thus, I am leaning towards doing a 90-minute jog in the morning. It won’t be a hard run. My feeling right now is that it will probably be a rather average pace with a slight increase in speed at the end if the energy is there to do that. Otherwise, finishing in the 120 heart-beat range would be fine. I just want to give myself at least a chance to lose a little more weight tomorrow.

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