Results Of 2 60-Minute Runs Show a Slight Weight Loss

Day 316

Starting Weight: 78.1 kg
Ending Weight: 78.7 kg
Result: gained .6 kg

Over the past 2 days, I finally got around to reducing my session durations from 90 minutes to about 60 minutes. To be precise, I ran almost exactly 60 minutes on Day 314 and almost exactly 65 minutes on Day 315. The overall result was actually a slight weight loss of .1 kg.

On Day 314, I lost .2 kg, and on Day 315, I gained .1 kg. This occurred even though my run on Day 315 was actually slightly longer. However, this was not surprising because my weight unexpectedly rose far too much yesterday. It got pretty close to 81.0 kg.

These results are encouraging. I have always wanted to reduce my 90-minute runs permanently if possible. The reason that has not worked out is that I would have to have no break days and no cheat days. So I always end up having to run 90-minute exercise sessions to make that up. If I were to always run only about 60 minutes, I would probably come close to breaking even, but only if working out almost every single day and watching my diet like a hawk.

Not only do I not have that level of discipline. I doubt that it’s even good for me psychologically because it takes away the balanced lifestyle that I am trying to maintain. I enjoy me some coke and good food at times and don’t want to completely erase that from my life. It’s part of the balance. However, part of the balance has to include some long 90-minute runs to make up for the imperfect diet. It’s not a perfect lifestyle, but it has been balancing out so far.

I’ll be darned if I didn’t do the same thing today as yesterday. My weight was fine up until about 5 or 6, at about 80.0 kg. Then, I needed to eat a little more but went too far. I got up to about 80.7 kg at 9:30 at night. This puts me right back in the same situation as yesterday.

I got up at about 6:45 and weighed in at 79.6 kg. This is a little better than yesterday and may give me a chance to lose some weight. However, I’d prefer to keep the run under 90 minutes for the 3rd day in a row. But instead of 60 minutes, it seems more appropriate in this spot to go for 75 minutes since I actually gained a small amount of weight yesterday. It’s time to make that back, but the situation is not urgent at all. Son continuing to keep it below 90 minutes is an acceptable calculated risk at this time. I can and will jump back up to 90 minutes soon, but that’s not necessary for this morning’s run.

After checking at 10, I weighed in at 79.7 kg. This may mean that my quick weigh-in at 6:45 was wrong, as I quickly checked it only one time. The scale doesn’t really work that way, as it is often off the first time and can vary within a few tenths of a kilogram. See tomorrow’s blog post for some tips on how to weigh yourself with a digital bathroom scale.

The 79.7 mark is bad – really bad. It appears that my weight is not dropping much at all since waking up a little over 3 hours ago. I do need to go the bathroom first and will then go on my run. But the numbers are not looking good at this point.

After the bathroom, I ending up getting a better estimate and was sitting at 79.3 kg. Unfortunately, it started raining really hard. So I was forced to delay the jogging session for a while even though I am starting to get thirsty. But in order to maintain reliable and consistent weigh-ins, I have to abstain until after the run. I’ll give it 30 minutes or so and hope the rain stops. If not, there is a stadium with a roof that I can run under, although that is not my preference. I do use it when I have no other choice except getting drenched.

Today, I had extremely low (almost a record level) weight loss during a run that was almost 75 minutes (73 to 74 minutes). After hitting 79.3, which was not so bad, I ran and only dropped to 78.7 kg. That is a paltry loss of only .6 kg and one of the worst results I have ever recorded in my Pentamize tracking history.

It appears that the rain took its toll. I had to run slow because I was avoiding water puddles for the bulk of the session. This is the only thing I can think of that would cause such a bad result.

With a finish to the day of 78.7 kg, that means I gained a large amount of .6 kg today. This is not demoralizing, but it would be far more disappointing if I didn’t not understand what is going on. The rain slowed me down, and that is probably the reason. My 79.3 kg pre-run weight was decent. So I’ll just make sure that tomorrow is a good 90-minute jogging session so I can start to make this up.

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