You Don’t Need Much Scientific Knowledge To Lose Weight

Day 315

As I stated in my previous blog for Day 314, I am on a nice 3-day streak of weight loss. Over this period, I have lost 1.2 kg. So the plan today is to try to maintain a reasonable diet and run perhaps 75 minutes or so. Since I have hit 78.0 very quickly after finishing my vacation at 81.0 (that’s 3 kg of weight loss in less than a week and a half), it’s kind of time to slow down on the exercise. However, a full break day is not in order yet, as I don’t like to do that when having a good streak going.

Unfortunately, something happened today that I didn’t quite expect. I rose dramatically, going up to about 80.8 by 8 at night. This is far more than I was expecting to put back on. It’s not even clear to me why my weight went up so much during the day. But this is going to put me in major jeopardy of gaining by the end of the run in the morning unless I drop a large amount overnight.

There is no lesson today since it seems I did not really eat all that much. I did eat a little bit of ice cream cake and some chips, but it was one small piece and not many chips and was definitely not something that would have caused that much weight gain. Hopefully, this is just extended water retention and will drop overnight. Unless it is the water thing that is causing this, though, it’s not clear what is going on.

If you get my book, it’s vital to keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to understand everything about your body’s digestion even if formulating a successful Pentamize weight loss plan. You won’t always be able to comprehend why you retain more weight on one day as compared to another. Pentamize is not based on advanced scientific knowledge of biological processes. It’s based on testing things until you find out what works for you. Typically, this is even more important than having loads of book smarts on biology and other subjects, though, because no book can determine the best weight loss plan for you. Only you can do that through your own diet and exercise tracking and testing.

I’m not knocking book smarts, as I have 7 years of college education. But there are some things you are just never going to figure out about how your body processes food. And this is particularly true when the results differ so much from day to day. However, the important part to remember is you don’t need this information to lose weight. You only need to know the average results of your plan. And that is what you can determine through Pentamize tracking. Look at today as an example. I will probably end up gaining weight today and don’t really know why. But that has not stopped me from losing over 60 pounds from my max weight, with about 50 pounds of it getting shed after devising the Pentamize system.

After waking up and urinating, I weighed in at 79.8 kg. This was at about 6 in the morning and roughly .3 kg higher than yesterday at the same time. This looks like it’s going to be a bad day, but it could have been a lot worse. I still plan to run 75 minutes and accept whatever results come from this. It will probably be a good idea to watch my diet a little more closely for Day 316, though.

At 7:45 in the morning, I had dropped to around 79.6 kg. That’s a moderately helpful drop and makes me feel a little better. But it’s still approximately .3 over at the same time of day yesterday.

After a good drop to 79.2 before the run (three hours after the previous weigh-in), I was in much better shape to break even or at least gain only a small amount. And I ended up officially gaining only .1 kg today after a 65-minute run that showed a weight loss of about 1.1 kg. That run result was similar to yesterday, and it was another hard run at the end that showed a heart rate of about 164.

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