Lost Weight Even When Reducing Jogging Time to 60 Minutes

After two days of losing 1.0 kg and losing a total of 2.8 kg (almost 6 pounds) in 9 days, it’s high time to reduce my running session duration. This “break,” which isn’t even an actual break, is long overdue now.

Over this period, I took an actual break (no exercise at all) the first day after vacation and then have run 8 90-minute sessions in a row. Obviously, this is a great deal of exercising for most people. However, look at the results. I have lost more than half a pound a day on average. And I did this even though my diet hasn’t actually been all that great. I ate about 3/4 of a large pizza one day and drank some coke on two of those days. Nonetheless, this substantial amount of exercise has paid off.

I decided yesterday that I would run about 60 minutes today instead of 90 regardless of what happens with yesterday’s result. Fortunately, it was still a good weight loss of about .3 kg. I ran harder than usual to get that result, knowing that the run would be shorter today.

My diet was so-so today. I rose up to about 80.0 to 80.2 by bedtime. That is a total increase of 1.8 to 2.0 kg, measuring from the start of the day to bedtime. Since it has been a whole 3 kg at times (that includes water, not just food), this is not so bad.

It was somewhat disappointing to wake up and weigh in at 79.4 kg. That was a pretty small drop of about .6 to .8 kg. This smaller drop could put me in jeopardy of gaining a little weight today. But considering the results of the past 2 days, that is kind of expected to happen soon, anyway. I am within about 6 to 7 pounds of my target maintenance weight. Based on my experience, it gets harder and harder to take that last little bit of weight off. So 1.0 kg in 2 days is phenomenal given this overall situation. Thus, I won’t even be disappointed if gaining a little bit of weight today.

Over the next 4 hours, my weight slowly dropped to 79.1 kg. That put me in decent shape to hopefully break even by losing at least .9 kg in the one-hour run.

I somewhat surprisingly lost 1.1 kg during that run and actually lost weight again today. I finished at 78.0, which was a weight loss of .2 kg on the day. This was not totally shocking, though, because I finished real hard in the last 20 minutes and got up to a heart rate of about 160 at the end of the session. I did also sweat a lot today, as it was a little warm but not what I would call “hot.”

This makes a loss of 1.2 kg over 3 days. That is a killer pace. It can’t continue on forever here. But as long as this continues, I will at least work out some instead of taking any full break days. One thing I like to do is keep a good streak alive. So even if reducing my amount of exercise in terms of duration or intensity, I will try to keep this streak alive. Perhaps a slower 75-minute run will be good tomorrow. I’ll decide that later. But it sounds like a reasonable middle ground between the recent hard runs of 90 and 60 minutes and taking a full break, which definitely won’t allow me to keep this streak going.

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