Need Better Diet Discipline Today

Day 344

Today is an especially good time to focus on my diet. I will likely have a slow run in the morning, so diet is even more important than many other days, where I might have the energy to run a little faster. I am not feeling all that energized now, which is still okay as long as I complete the run. But it does mean that diet is crucial. Any overeating is probably going to sink me like yesterday, where I ate a little too much and ended up gaining .2 kg.

The first part of my eating diet started pretty well. Even with water after running, I rose to 78.9 kg. That is a reasonable 2.0 kg, which is expected when you drink a lot of water in a short period of time in addition to eating. However, I still needed some additional food and eventually rose to about 79.6 kg. That is a total increase of 2.7 kg at the top mark. Like I said yesterday, it’s probably advisable to keep this number at about 2.5 kg in my case. But 2.7 is better than the 3.1 of yesterday’s maximum. Hopefully, I will also lose more overnight, where the .5 yesterday was a real downer. Although I went to bed yesterday at a weight of 79.2 and may go to bed weighing a little more, what I really need is to lose more overnight. This is what I am hoping for. At any rate, I am pretty happy with the increase of 2.7 kg. That is a full .4 kg better than yesterday.

A little while before hitting bed, I had gone down to 79.2. So things are looking great at the moment. Now, I just hope things are better overnight.

The yo-yo of overnight weight loss continues. But it was good news this time. I lost about .9 kg overnight, hitting 78.3 at wakeup time. So the recent numbers are now .4, .4, .5, .8, 1.1, .5, and .9. This kind of crazy inconsistency is why you may not be able to rely on overnight weight loss tracking as a strong factor in managing your weight loss plan. It is a factor that should be considered. But you want to be aware of everything else at the same time and tracking other relevant factors. My book has more on this. But those main factors are, of course, how much you lose from exercise and your net weight gain from eating. Net weight gain from eating is tricky because even the same person can have 2 different diet plans with the same gross weight gain from eating that has different net weight gain amounts. That is why a lot of people count calories. However, for those who don’t like to count calories, I have devised other methods that are laid out in my book.

Well, things went bad after waking up. I dropped to 78.1 and then ran for 90 minutes. Then, for some reason, I only lost .9 kg during the run. After going to the bathroom, I finished the day at 77.1 kg, for a daily weight gain of .2 kg. That is not a large gain, but it was just disappointing to end with a weight gain when I was doing so well at wakeup time. However, these things do even out over time. So it’s on to better days. If you are reading this, also remember that I am in maintenance mode. So it’s natural to have more days where you gain a little weight once you have pretty much already reached your goal and don’t have or at least don’t have much extra weight to lose. If you are already in pretty good shape, you are going to naturally gain on some days even when you exercise.

The Natural Ups And Downs Of a Weight Loss Day

Day 343

I had a really surprising weight loss of .5 kg yesterday. This resulted in a drop from 77.2 to 76.7. The reason it was so surprising, though, is that my weight was 80.0 when going to bed.

For those who have never actually tracked a whole day to see how weight loss works, I will show you how my weight went up and then down yesterday (Day 342). Keep in mind that my days for weight loss tracking start at about 12 noon, not midnight. And I have a typical sleep schedule from around 10 at night to 6:30 in the morning (times vary, but it’s a normal nighttime sleep schedule).

My official ending weight on Day 341 was 77.2 kg. From there, I drank a good deal of water after the run (my runs are at the end of each 24-hour period these days). Then, I had some vegetables and meat and strawberry smoothies. I also had some banana bread, which is not a good diet food. However, it was just one piece of bread, not an excessive amount.

From eating and drinking, I rose to approximately 80.1 kg, which was 2.9 kg over the starting mark of 77.2. 2.9 kg is roughly 6 pounds. Some may be surprised that I would gain 6 pounds on the day before sleeping but then actually lose .5 kg by the end of the day. Well, this is quite possible and actually pretty normal. But I believe the 2.9 kg is a little too much because you have to remember that includes going to the bathroom throughout the day. Nonetheless, depending on your typical diet, including water consumption, 2.9 kg, or 6 pounds, could be too much or might just be right for you.

Now, having reached the 80.1, I went to bed soon after a weighed 80.0.

After going to bed, the rest of the 24-hour period is losing weight, not gaining weight. I personally do not drink or eat anything after getting up until after exercising. So I woke up weighing about 78.9 kg. That was a weight loss overnight of 1.1 kg, which is about 2.5 pounds. So at that point, I was then 1.7 kg over the starting weight, down from the 2.9 kg the night before.

I ran for 90 minutes about 5 hours after waking up. At that time, I had dropped to 78.4 kg, which was an additional .5 kg since waking up. That averages out to about .1 kg per hour, or .22 pounds per hour. And that is without exercising or anything else. That is just normal weight loss due to digestion and any other related processes. So before the run, I had dropped from 80.1 the night before to 78.4 kg, which is 1.7 kg. You should start to see now how it is possible to gain 6 pounds during the day and lose it all before the next afternoon’s official weigh-in. At that point, I had 1.2 kg to lose to break even. Of course, I could not do this without exercise. Otherwise, I would have gained weight big time.

So I run and am surprisingly around 76.9 after that exercise session. So at that point, I had already lost weight (instead of losing 1.2, I actually lost 1.5 during the run). Right after going to the bathroom, I then officially weighed in at 76.7 kg. That made for a weight loss of .5 kg for Day 342, or a little more than a pound.

As you can see, it’s possible to gain something like 6 pounds during the day and then have a good night’s sleep and workout and still end up losing weight. However, do not take 6 pounds (3.2 kg in this example) as a baseline for yourself. This may be way too muc for you. Or depending upon your metabolism and exercise lifestyle, it could be even less than what you should gain. This could apply, for example, if you exercise a great amount and need even more food for exercise energy purposes. The purpose of this blog post is to show you an example of how weight goes way up and then way down in the same 24-hour period. But as to how much your weight should be going up and down, you will need to do your own Pentamize tracking to make that determination. For me, I like to actually keep it well below 3.0 kg. But it probably worked out this time because a lot of that was from healthy vegetables, which are obviously not fattening.

Today, I feel that I need to go to bed at a weight that is substantially less than 80.0 kg, which is what it was yesterday. Although that worked out well in the end, it was an unusual drop that probably won’t happen today. So it would be good to go to bed weighing 79.5 or less. After my last meal, I weighed 79.8 kg. That is an increase of 3.1 kg throughout the day, which is just about the same as the 3.2 yesterday. And it was still about 3 hours before bedtime. So there was a little time to lose a bit more weight. At any rate, at least I am below 80.0, which is likely way too much because the drop from bedtime to afternoon weigh-in yesterday was extremely high. I can’t rely on such a drop on a regular basis. Otherwise, I would probably actually gain weight over time.

The 3.1 kg increase today during the daytime is not good. I didn’t have many vegetables today, but I did have some fruit. All in all, today’s diet was probably not as nutritious because the carb content was higher (a little too much bread). At any rate, I am certainly not in terrible shape. But a 2.5 to 2.8 is probably the range that I should be looking for unless I were to drink a very large amount of water. In that case, 3 kg might be just fine. However, I am not generally a big water drinker.

I dropped a lot to 79.2 before going to bed. Unfortunately, I had another poor night of overnight weight loss, losing only .5 to get down to 78.7. Unless my weight falls a lot over the next 4 hours (before my run), then I am in trouble and will probably gain some weight today. I can’t get all the way down to 76.7 kg with any run at all unless it’s something crazy, like at least a half marathon or more. Obviously, I am not going to do that since I am not even trained up for that distance. And it would take a long time for my slow butt.

This leaves the recent overnight weight loss figures at .4 twice in a row, .5, .8, 1.1, and .5 again. These numbers are literally all over the map.

My during-run weight loss was 1.1 kg, which was a decrease from 78.2 to 77.1 kg. Then, I dropped a little more from going to the bathroom, finishing the day at 76.9 kg. That was a pretty small weight gain of .2 kg. With a little more diet discipline, I think I can turn a day like this into one with a little weight loss instead of one with a little gain. But this appears to be within a normal range since I lost so much yesterday.

Surprising Loss Of .5 KG Today And Back In 76 Range

Day 342

Today, I will first lay out the weight that I have lost overnight the past 4 days. I am tracking this to see how it is affecting my overall weight loss or gain.

I have lost .4, .4, .5, and .8 the past 4 days. And during that time, I have gained .6 kg, lost .3 kg, gained .4 kg, and lost .4 kg. So when my weight lost overnight is .4 or .5, it seems to be putting me at great risk of gaining weight over that 24-hour period. I had one odd day where I actually lost .3 kg despite losing only .4 overnight. Not surprisingly, the day with .8 kg of overnight loss also resulted in a weight loss of .4 kg for that daily period.

Since the weight lost overnight suddenly jumped to .8 yesterday, I am hoping that the 3 days before that are just a weird temporary anomaly. Those numbers are well below my average. So I am hopefully back to a more normal weight loss while sleeping. Nonetheless, I will closely track and analyze these overnight results for another week or so to get an idea of the bigger picture.

Today, my weight rose all the way to 80.0 before I cut myself off from eating or drinking anything else for the night. That was at 7:45 in the evening. This 80.0 is more than what I was yesterday, and I am definitely in danger of gaining weight. However, the outcome is certainly not clear yet. I ate a lot of vegetables today, so the actual content of my diet was not so bad. I also had some strawberry smoothies with milk and a fairly small amount of sugar. These probably also added quite a bit to my intraday weight gain.

I don’t mind much if I end up gaining a little weight today. There are some days when you just need a little more food than usual. And especially if you eat green vegetables, it’s not going to be surprising when you gain more than when eating mostly meat or other higher-calorie products. Naturally, it takes a lot of green vegetables by weight to get enough calories into your system. So for this reason, I can’t really predict how things are going to work out tonight and in the morning.

Well, I lost more weight overnight compared to most recent days. My weight dropped from 80.0 to 78.9, or 1.1 kg. It’s starting to look a lot like the recent trend was possibly a temporary biological response to the very long streak of weight loss I had right before the trend started. The last 2 days, which showed overnight losses of .8 and 1.1, are more than double the 3 days before that.

I still may ultimately gain a little weight today due to eating a bit too much yesterday. But at least the overnight weight loss situation appears to be normal. I was getting worried that my metabolism had changed for the worse or something. I’ll keep tracking and analyzing this closely for a while. But it’s more important to get ahold of my diet, which has gotten slightly out of control recently.

3 hours later and an about an hour before my run, I had dropped nicely to 78.7 kg. So this could possibly turn into a good day or at least a breakeven scenario. I probably still need to lose a little more weight to break even because my pace will be slow again today.

I lost a whole bunch of weight after 10. First, I started the run at about 78.4 kg. Then, despite having a pretty average run, I was around 76.9. Then, I had a final weight of 76.7 kg. That means the run produced a loss of about 1.5 kg, and I surprisingly lost .5 kg today overall. That was totally unexpected. Maybe the fact that I ate more vegetables yesterday is the reason why my weight went a little too high but then came back down by the end of the 24-hour period. It also helped that I seemed to be sweating a lot during the running session even though my speed wasn’t fast. It warmed up more today than the past few days.

Going To Test Slower Runs For a While And Possibly Modify Diet

Day 341

Yesterday was one of those days I was happy with in some ways despite the poor results. I gained .4 kg. But when putting it all together, it becomes clear that there is plenty to be happy about. Of course, I want to get better results, as this would be a long-term disaster. Nonetheless, I expect those results to come soon as long I maintain the right lifestyle.

I am going to recap why I am actually fine with yesterday’s weight gain of .4 kg. To be clear, I did run 90 minutes. So results would have been a meltdown if I had not exercised at all. And my diet really didn’t seem that bad. But the main problem is that I didn’t lose much weight at all overnight. In about 8 hours of sleep, I only lost .5 kg, which even includes peeing after waking up. That .5 follows 2 days in a row of losing only .4 kg.

Now, here is why I am happy. I ran for 90 minutes and only lost 1.0 kg, which is well below average. However, this was a slow run because I simply could not take another fast run yesterday. My heart rate was only about 120. So if I had had better overnight results, then a much slower run than usual would have been enough to lose weight or break even. It’s just that the overnight results were very poor, making it very hard to break even or lose weight with a slow run.

As far as how slow it was, I wanted to take and keep a pace that I could do virtually every day. Unlike most days, I hardly sped up at all in the last 30 or even 15 or 20 minutes. All I wanted to do was keep a pace that I could envision myself doing on a daily basis and only taking a break occasionally. So as long as I can see better results from diet, my feeling is that I should be able to maintain this lifestyle almost indefinitely. I need to be able to maintain with slower runs because these daily runs where the last 20 minutes are hard and often pushing a heart rate of 150 or even more have been wearing me down lately. Make no mistake. I have recently lost a lot of weight after a vacation. I started at 81 kg and weighed in this morning at 77.6 kg. That is a lot of weight and was burned off in less than 4 weeks. But I just can’t keep that pace because it physically but especially mentally starts to burn me out.

So what I am going to keep doing for now is testing slower runs and modifying my diet (if necessary) to at least be able to break even on average while doing these slower runs. And if I can no longer modify my diet, then I can at least have a hard run from time to time to lose weight if necessary. I am constantly working on this diet-exercise balance, as it is one of the keys to my Pentamize weight loss success.

If I can’t even break even with slower runs, then I may be forced to add a second session that is shorter, such as 30 or 45 minutes. This is what I often refer to as extreme measures, but it’s not time to do that yet.

My weight was higher today when I checked it close to bedtime. It was about 79.7, and I was 78.9 when waking up. So at least the weight dropped a little more overnight. The recent overnight drops are now .4, .4, .5, and .8. If the weight continues to drop before the run (it’s about 6 in the morning when I am writing this), then I will be in much better shape than yesterday. But there are no guarantees at this time.

A couple of hours after getting up, my weight had gone down to about 78.6 kg. Things are now moving in a much better direction than yesterday. It’s about 8 in the morning. So I have about 2 more hours before the run. And at this point, even a loss of only 1.0 kg during that run would give me a breakeven day. So I am likely to lose some weight today. It’ss not clear how much, though. But if my weight drops a little more naturally, it could be up to about .5 kg.

I kept a slow pace and ended nicely today. My final weight was 77.2 kg. That was a weight loss of .4 kg, which erased yesterday’s gain. My run was about the same, and my diet didn’t seem to be all that different. However, what seemed to help a lot was that I lost more weight overnight. In fact, if you compare yesterday’s overnight weight loss to today’s, it was .8 (today) and .5 (yesterday). So I lost .3 more overnight and .4 more overall. So a lot of the weight loss today appears to be attributable to that.

However, some other factors that are difficult to track must have also helped me. If it were only the overnight weight loss difference, then I still would have gained .1 kg. As I said, though, other factors, such as how much water weight you lose in a day, are difficult or impossible to track. The key is to track what you can so that you are successful on the average day, as these untrackable factors naturally average out. But you can do things with diet and exercise to control the trackable factors. So you need to focus on that and let the untrackable factors take care of themselves.

Weight Going Up And Down Like a Yo-Yo The Past 3 Days

Day 340

Today, I will start closely tracking my weight lost overnight cause it appears to have gone down. I think there may be a reason for this, and it will be theorized below. I am going to include Days 338 and 339 results to start this round of tracking. The numbers on the left are for overnight results only, not how much I lost or gained over that 24-hour period. The numbers on the right are how much I gained or lost that day overall. This shows you that overnight results are only one factor in whether you gain or lose weight. But it is an important factor in Pentamize tracking because it gives you more information with which to plan out your diet and exercise.

Day 338 – lost .4 kg overnight – gained .6 kg overall (77.5)
Day 339 – lost .4 kg overnight – lost .3 kg overall (77.2)
Day 340 – lost .5 kg overnight – gained .4 kg overall (77.6)

Today appears to be a complete disaster. It shouldn’t be like this, as a decent amount of what I ate yesterday was broccoli and watermelon. Overall, I rose from 77.2 to 79.7 and then 79.5 at bedtime. This includes water, so it doesn’t seem like a terribly high increase during the day. Then, the recent trend of losing almost no weight occurred again overnight. I lost .5 kg, which was .1 kg better than the past 2 days. However, 2 hours later, my weight was still at 78.9 even after going to the bathroom again. I have about 2.5 hours until going on my run. And yet again, it looks like it will have to be 90 minutes to avoid a horrible day. Body wise, I feel fine, and my diet was actually pretty good yesterday. But at this point, I just don’t have any idea what to say. My weight just shouldn’t be this high when getting up in the morning.

I do have a theory as to possibly why my weight is not dropping as much overnight. When I got back off of my recent vacation and also when I was in full weight-loss mode, I would frequently lose more than 1 kg overnight. Also, in full weight loss mode, I had averaged out my overnight weight loss and saw that it was around .8. Then, as I lost more weight, that seemed to get lower and was getting closer to about .6. These numbers are approximate, but there was a definite trend there. I will summarize the trend. To keep it simple, when I had a lot of weight to lose (40 or 50 pounds to go in my case), I was losing more overnight. As I got closer to having only 10 or 20 pounds to lose, the amount lost overnight started decreasing on average. It was roughly .6 kg instead of .8.

Now, I am only a few pounds over my target weight. As of yesterday morning, I was 2.3 kg over that target weight, which is almost 5 pounds. Could it be that it is natural to lose less weight overnight when you are closer to your target weight, as opposed to being substantially overweight? The trends suggest this, at least in my case. The more I need to lose overall, the more I seem to lose on average overnight. Is this accurate and is it the same for everybody? I don’t know for sure. But if you notice this in your own Pentamize tracking, just know that you may have to adjust your diet or exercise accordingly. The point here is that your body can experience changes as you lose weight. Some of those changes might actually require you to eat less, exercise more, or both. If that’s the case, that’s just what you are going to have to do to maintain your weight or continue losing if you aren’t close enough to your target yet. No smart person ever said that losing weight is easy. The process is pretty simple for some, but it’s usually not easy to do the right things and get results. And you may sometimes have to increase your efforts over time to avoid gaining weight back.

I don’t think I will be running hard today at all. I am definitely ready to do the 90 minutes, but at a relatively average pace.

At 10 in the morning, I dropped to about 78.6 kg. This is looking a lot better. I really needed that. Although I have not lost as much lately while sleeping, my weight does seem to continue dropping in the typical 3 to 4 hours between getting up and running. So the .4 and .5 kg marks the past 3 days are somewhat mitigated by the fact that my weight is still dropping even after getting up. I’m not sure what this means, but it could simply mean that I still have food in my body that has not completely digested. Maybe my digestion has slowed down recently? Now, I am really speculating. But in the end, the important thing is to adequately balance out my diet and exercise, using overnight weight loss as one tracking factor to help me keep tabs on what I need to do. That could be eating a bit less before sleeping, exercising more when the numbers show that I need it, etc. It just depends on the situation. But being able to estimate how much you lose overnight can be very helpful in planning out your diet, as well. And if you do mess up and weigh too much before a run, then tracking that also allows you to modify your exercise session length when necessary. That’s why it is also helpful to know approximately how much weight you lose when exercising.

The only real struggle I am having is that it seems I have to work out every day. And that is just not right. I should be able to at least reduce my workout length. But the way things are going now, this is hard. If I could ever just get down to about 76.0, then I would do that. But after my recent record of 11 days without losing weight, I had gotten down to 76.6 and then shot up to 77.5 in 2 days. Thus, I was not yet able to reduce my times.

I dropped about 1.0 kg with a somewhat slower-than-average run. My finishing weight was 77.6 kg, which made for a daily weight gain of .4 kg. Now, my weight has been fluctuating like a yo-yo for a while. This is not necessarily a bad thing in general. What is troublesome is my rise from 76.6 to 77.6 in a short period of time. Actually, that happened in 4 days, where I gained .3, gained .6, lost .3 and gained back .4 today. So that still puts me at 1.0 kg over the 76.6 in days. Patience is definitely a virtue in this game of weight loss and maintenance. Since I am already doing just about as much as I can, then I just have to keep it up and get through this rough patch.