Is Putting Pressure On Yourself To Exercise Hard a Good Thing?

Day 313

Today was a mixed bag in terms of diet. I intentionally decided to give myself a reward after losing .7 kg yesterday. So we bought a liter of coke, and I had a few cups of it as my reward. However, as far as the rest of the diet went, I did not cheat. Thus, while my coke reward was probably a little too big, it was not completely over the top, either.

The results throughout the day and overnight were pretty good. I had risen from the start of 78.5 to about 80.5 by bedtime. This 80.5 was better than yesterday’s bedtime weight of approximately 81.0.

When I woke up, I had dropped .8 kg, which is not so great but okay considering that I cheated a little on my diet. That got me down to 79.7 kg, which is at least .5 kg better than yesterday. That figure did not change over the next couple of hours before the run. So it may be difficult to even break even today. It’s probably going to all come down to the weight lost during my run. Incidentally, a breakeven day would not be that bad. Yesterday was so good that my body might not be ready to drop anymore until it somewhat stabilizes. However, I won’t know that for sure now because of today’s cheating.

The difficulty in getting to yesterday’s finishing mark of 78.5 is that, while my diet results were good enough overall, my weight lost during the run yesterday was an above-average 1.5 kg. And that was partially due to a rather fast run, where my finishing heart rate was about 164. It would be hard to replicate that result today. For some reason, I had gotten an energy boost yesterday, which might not come today.

From this point until official weigh-in time, I will have to drop about 1.2 kg to break even or more in order to actually lose weight on the day. So it should be possible to at least break even with one more 90-minute run today. However, regardless of what happens today, I am going to reduce my run time tomorrow, probably to about one hour. Keeping that in mind, I will attempt to have at least an average run result today in anticipation of probably lesser results tomorrow. When possible, it is valuable to plan at least a day ahead like this so you can modify your exercise intensity to fit the situation. In some cases, you may even be able to reduce your intensity a little if you know you are going for a hard run the next day.

Personally, I don’t usually plan high-intensity exercise because it’s impossible to predict how much energy my body will have on a particular day. But in today’s case, I will at least try to have a decent run that is at least average. However, I will not promise myself to run at a particular pace or anything like that because it’s too much mental pressure for my tastes. If you are like me, you may wish to avoid putting a lot of pressure on yourself, particularly in terms of exercise intensity. However, I do, in fact, pressure myself to finish a run based on a scheduled duration. This is the only way I can maintain my weight or lose in a recovery period. Pushing myself in terms of intensity is too much for me. But the reason I can hold myself to a set duration for a workout is that my intensity can easily be modified by just running slower if necessary.I have enough willpower to finish my workouts even if I don’t have the willpower to do the workouts at a high intensity. This has been the key for me.

A lot of people blindly recommend high-intensity workouts. But if, like me, you find the pressure of such intense exercise simply too great to withstand over time, then my method of simply increasing the duration while keeping roughly a medium-level intensity may be the key to get weight-loss results for you.

At 9 in the morning, I took off and had a pretty good 90-minute run. My pace was similar to yesterday’s good run. However, it wasn’t quite to that level at the end. I finished with a heart rate of about 144. There was just no way I was getting back up to yesterday’s near-record pace. Still, this seemed like a solid jogging session to me. And I will be happy regardless of the results because the effort was definitely there.

My scale was acting crazy, registering between 78.0 and 78.4 kg. After weighing in several times, it seemed the best estimate was 78.2 kg. So I lost about 1.4 to 1.5 kg on the run and lost .3 kg today overall. That makes about 1.0 kg in the past 2 days. This is a very pleasing result heading into tomorrow’s shortened session of about 60 minutes.

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