Whopping Weight Loss Of .7 KG Today

Day 312

After a terrible day with a weight gain of .5 kg, I started today at 79.2 kg. However, this is not all bad news. It was an inevitable correction, as I had lost about 4 pounds in only one week before yesterday. Even with a gain of about 1 pound, I have still had a great week or so.

Today, I will have to run 90 minutes again to try to get back on track. I will need to reduce that time soon to give my body less stress for at least a day. But this is not the day to reduce.

I started out pretty good on diet and did better than yesterday. Whereas I started at 78.7 yesterday and went to bed weighing about 81.3 kg, I went to bed at about 81.0 kg today even though my starting weight was 79.2. That’s a huge improvement on diet of about .8 kg. Unfortunately, that didn’t really help me by morning, as I went to the bathroom and still weighed in at 80.2 2 to 3 hours after waking up. That is a really low weight loss overnight compared to recent results.

I still have no idea why I lose way over 1 kg on some nights and well less than 1 kg on others. Still, I always look for the positive aspect of my Pentamize tracking, and the improvement in diet was a big plus today. Sometimes, I really feel like the only thing I can do is starve. But I will continue to test different food combinations to keep from having to do that.

Whereas the loss overnight was bad, my energy for the run was substantially better. I finished this run with a near-record heart rate of 164. Yesterday, it was only about 112. Of course, it only got to 164 near the end, as I am a slow runner who sometimes finishes kind of fast in the last 5 to 20 minutes or so.

Holy smokes. I finally had a decent workout result, losing 1.5 kg. That dropped me to 78.7. This was close to time to weigh in. So I went to the bathroom and had an official weigh-in of 78.5 kg. That is a daily weight loss of .7 kg, or around 1.5 pounds. Now, that is a recovery. I lost back the .5 kg gained yesterday plus an extra .2.

In the 8 days since my vacation ended, I have lost 2.5 kg, or a little over 5 pounds. Except for last Saturday, I have run every day since then, generally running very close to 90 minutes. So this has been hard work, but with great success. I am going to reward myself a little with some coke. That’s not usually the best idea. But I can do it to celebrate losing 5 pounds in 8 days. However, this is definitely not a cheat day. I am just giving myself a small reward for a job well done. As far as the rest of the food today, I will try to keep it to my usual smaller portions and certainly won’t have any huge meals. There is a big difference between a small reward and a cheat day. On a day with a small reward, the idea is to still largely maintain your diet while having only a smallish snack that you don’t normally have. That in no way means a cheat day, and I always recommend limiting cheat days to maybe 2 to 3 times a month (and that’s if you can psychologically handle that without losing control and going on binges).

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