Using a Catchphrase To Help Motivate You For Exercise

Day 310

I will be sharing a little psychological exercise tip in today’s blog post. By no means am I a psychologist or mental health professional or anything like that. As always, I am just sharing the little things that I have personally tested and successfully used in losing weight and now mostly keeping it off for almost a year now.

Although I have now lost weight 5 days in a row (this is bound to end soon, but I am trying to keep the streak going), it has not been without its challenges. My diet has been decent except for today, where I ate too much at the end and have now jeopardized my streak. But the more difficult aspect has been my mental state when it comes to exercise. I am not at a high emotional level for some reason. In order to get through this, I have found it helpful to keep repeating a catchphrase in my head when running.

My catchphrase is not really catchy at all from a marketing perspective, but it works for me. Here it is:

“Human beings were not made to lounge on the couch.”

Like I said, it’s probably not going to be catchy for most people. I am not a songwriter or don’t write “hooks” for songs or poetry or whatever. But I just came up with the phrase that helps motivate me. My mind works via logic more than feelings. And this is the kind of logical message that keeps me going when I don’t feel like running.

It seems clear that humans are built to hunt and gather food for survival, and that hunting and gather involves significant physical activity. Most people would agree that sitting around and lounging on the couch is not what nature intends for us. Yet, this is what a lot of us tend to do in the modern world because someone else prepares all the food for us as far as hunting and gathering and other types of food processing. Even if you cook, that is limited physical activity and certainly won’t be enough exercise for many people to avoid being overweight.

So while my “lounging on the couch” phrase may not be catchy, it’s what works for me. And how I use this is simple. I just keep repeating over and over in my head when I feel like quitting during a run. That’s really all there is to it, and this simple method has helped me a lot the past couple of days. I really needed that help the past couple of days, as both showed a very modest weight loss of .1 kg. This quite clearly means that I would have gained weight on both days had I failed to complete my 90-minute runs.

Your job is to find and use a catchphrase that helps keep you motivated. It might not be the one I use, and that’s perfectly fine and expected. The beauty of my Pentamize techniques is that I try hard to make things customizable. You can choose any diet if that is what works for you. The same goes for exercise plans. Everyone can and probably should have a different plan since bodies and minds differ drastically in many respects.

Today, I ate a little too much pizza at the end of the day and also had a can of coke. This hurt me badly, as my weight rose from about 80.5 to 81.3. However, I woke up at 3 in the morning and weighed in at about 80.6 kg. So it seems like that weight is dropping pretty well overnight. Sometimes, you are naturally bailed out from a mistake even though you don’t deserve to be bailed out. The weight drops more than expected despite your diet mistakes. Well, hopefully I am getting bailed out here from an unexpectedly high weight drop overnight even though it is not deserved. The key, of course, is to avoid consistently making these mistakes because you won’t get bailed out like this every time. The mistakes usually eventually take their toll.

Before my 6 a.m. run, I dropped a little more to 80.3 kg. This means that I dropped about 1.0 kg overnight. That may be enough to save me from losing my streak here. But I am still 1.5 kg above the starting weight of 78.8 kg. So this will probably require the run plus some extra something, such as going to the bathroom or some extra natural weight loss.

My run had a disappointing result of 1.0 kg, which took me down to 79.3 kg. While it was a pretty slow run with an ending heart rate of 120, only 1.0 kg is disturbingly low. I can’t begin to understand why that is so low. This left me .5 kg above the starting weight and now has me in trouble. I do need to go to the bathroom, and that is going to help at least some. And it actually helped a great deal. An hour after the run, I was down to 78.8 kg. This left about 1.5 hours before the weigh-in. I should be able to lose at least .1 to .2 kg during that time. If so, that would extend my streak of weight loss to 6 days in a row.

For the third day in a row, I lost .1 kg, finishing at 78.7. This one feels better because I cheated too much last night on my diet. It seems to be a stroke of luck that I was able to lose that much weight. Such a result should not be expected, and I have to do better to keep this streak alive.

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