5th Day In a Row Of Losing Weight Now In The Books

Starting Weight: 78.9 kg
Ending Weight: 78.8 kg
Result: lost .1 kg

I am now going for the 5th day in a row of weight loss. Although weighing myself constantly, even I don’t remember exactly how many days in a row that I have lost weight. But 5 days would certainly be close, as this is approaching an abnormal (albeit good) streak.

Interestingly, the first day was the rare day where I lost weight despite not exercising at all. That was .6 kg. However, the likely reason for that is that I had a bunch of big meals and cheat days before that, resulting in a lot of extra short-term weight that apparently burned off easily even without exercise. Then, with exercise, I lost 1.1, .3, and then .1 kg. So my daily loss numbers have been steadily going down but still remain in the “loss column” for the past 2 days. It’s fun to see how long this streak can go, but I am not starving or doing anything extreme on the exercise front to keep it going. Such records are not as important as maintaining my reasonably healthy lifestyle.

As of 8 at night, I weighed about 80.8 to 80.9 kg, and I need a little bit more to eat. As long as I keep up at or below about .3 kg, then things are pretty good for possibly keeping this weight-loss streak alive.

A little later, I was down to 80.7 kg and then had a little bit to eat. At bedtime, I was around 81.1 kg.

Today, my weight did not fall as much as recently. Even after going to the bathroom, I was still 80.5 at 6 in the morning. That is only about half of the expected weight loss. It looks like my streak may be over here. But because the 80.5 was at 6 in the morning, this could possibly turn around.

By 7:30, I had dropped to 80.2. So the situation was looking a little better. That is when I went on my run.

Today’s running session was brutal, and I mean from a mental perspective instead of a physical one. My “mind” just wasn’t in the mood to exercise. This was the 5th day in a row of a 90-minute jog. That is far from the record, as I have done it much longer before. Nonetheless, a mental block was there and made it hard for me to keep it up. But I prevailed, finishing without stopping even once. My pace was pretty slow, though, but not ridiculously slow. My heart rate was about 124 at the end of the exercise session.

I weighed in at 79.1 after this run, which was a loss of about 1.1 kg. It now seems that 1.1 to 1.3 is the new norm, as opposed to the previous 1.5 from last year. So I just have to get used to this being the new number. While it’s still not clear why that number has dropped so much, it doesn’t seem to be stopping me from achieving my goals.

The end of the run occurred at 9:05 in the morning, and I was .2 kg above the starting weight for this daily period. With about 2 hours to go until weigh-in time, this is going to be close. I might or might not lose that, but this will either be a breakeven day or a very small weight gain or loss.

After going to the bathroom, I had a nice drop to 78.8 kg by 10 in the morning. This locks me in for the 5th day in a row of losing weight. And I will weigh in at about 11 in the morning, which gives me the chance of possibly losing a little more.

Actually, I didn’t drop anymore and appeared stuck at 78.8. So that was the final weight today and resulted in another small weight loss of .1 kg. It’s now time to try for 6 days in a row.

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