4th Day In a Row Of Losing Weight

Day 308

After 3 days of solid weight loss, it may be time to give back a little. My history of Pentamize tracking doesn’t show many streaks of weight loss that are 4 or more days in a row. And this also applies even if working out every day. Nonetheless, this is an interesting spot because it is early in a post-vacation recovery period. So there may be chances to continue losing weight every day for a longer number of days than usual. At any rate, I am trying to maximize the streak by exercising every day for 90 minutes. All of these workouts are jogging sessions.

I woke up at 6 in the morning and weighed in at 80.3 kg. This is similar to yesterday morning’s weight at the same time. However, I woke up earlier than yesterday. So I could possibly be a little bit ahead. Nonetheless, it may be difficult to keep the streak alive today. That is going to depend a lot on the results of my workout. If it is at least 1.2 kg again or more, I have a good chance of losing weight. If it drops below 1.2, then the streak is in trouble. Since I can’t will myself to lose a specific amount of weight in a defined time period, the most I can do is not worry about and just try to have at least an average pace.

The run was a mixed bag. Although my left ankle felt better, which allowed me to run faster and finish with a pretty high heart rate of 140, I still lost only about 1.1 kg. I was expecting more than that, and it only got me down from about 80.2 to 79.1.

It’s still not clear to me why I lose less weight during the workout these days. However, the good part is that I have adjusted to this and can still maintain my weight or lose during recovery periods. My main theory is that I am in better shape, thus meanng that I would have to run even faster or longer to lose the previous average of 1.5 kg. That is not in the cards for me because my current schedule is challenging enough as it is. Again, though, I have adjusted to the lesser during-workout weight loss. I don’t know if this means eating less or not because I don’t track calories exactly. Rather, I just track my weight throughout the day and have a good idea of whether I am doing good or bad based upon that weight tracking. If you still aren’t clear about how to do weight tracking for yourself, my Pentamize book shows you how to do this.

I was dropping slowly after the run and decided to officially end the day at 78.9 kg. Still, that successfully resulted in the 4th day in a row with weight loss, although today’s loss was only .1 kg. I’m going to go for 5 in a row tomorrow and think there is a decent chance of achieving that. Of course, I am also happy to hit the 78 range after getting all the way up to 81 during the vacation (83 before losing a lot overnight on the last night). The 78.9 is 1.9 kg above my pre-trip 77.0. So I still have a long recovery here. But it’s at least possible to do it within a week or two if this streak continues.

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