Solid Weight Loss Of 1.1 KG With a Slow 90-Minute Run

Day 306

For the second day in a row, I had lost weight even before doing any exercise. However, I am going to get back to running today, which will result in an enormous loss of weight at weigh-in time.

I was 80.3 before running, and the starting weight yesterday morning was 80.4. So while that is the minimum weight loss on my scale, it is still the second day in a row of losing some without exercise. And I opted to go ahead and not run at all yesterday to give myself a needed break. But that was mostly because of the .6 kg of weight loss. I didn’t even need to work out to record a great result.

Today is different because, although I am showing a loss, it is very small. It appears that my body is now getting closer to readjusting after the vacation. And that is actually not a good thing since my normal results show a weight gain absent exercise. It’s time to get back to work now and do the right thing, especially because I still have a lot of weight to lose.

I will either be in the lower 79 or upper 78 range after the jogging session. This means I will still be about 2.0 kg over the pre-vacation 77.0 kg mark. And even when reaching 77.0 again, I need to keep going because my target weight is 75.0. However, the first goal for now is to get back to 77.0. I don’t want to think of it as having to lose 4.0 kg. Rather, let’s just take this in smaller bites of about 2 kg each.

With a start of 80.3, there was an outside chance of hitting the high 78 range for this run. However, my body seemed to have very little energy. So I just took a slow pace the whole time, finishing at a low heart rate of about 114. Nonetheless, I lost 1.0 kg, getting down to 79.3. So far this is a tremendous recovery from vacation.

I am setting my post-vacation weight at 81.0, which is what I was the first morning. So based on that, I have already lost 1.7 kg in 2 days. Yesterday was .6 kg of weight loss with no working out at all. Today was 1.1 kg of weight loss with a slow 90-minute run.

There is no way I can keep up this great recovery pace for much longer. It’s just too much weight loss too fast. However, I am now ready to work out almost every day and expect to have a consistent loss until getting back to my initial goal of 77.0. No, that doesn’t mean every day will show a loss of weight, as corrections in the opposite direction are to be expected. But in terms of the trend, my expectation is to steadily lose the weight until hitting 77.0. Then, I will consider a break.

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