3 Days Of Weight Loss In a Row After Vacation

Day 307

I am coming off of 2 of the best days that I have ever had when combined together. My total weight loss over the past 2 days was 1.7 kg. It doesn’t get much better than this absent some really extreme measures, such as running a marathon or starving. I don’t do either diet or exercise to those extremes. So the 1.7 over 2 days is just about the best I have ever done.

Today, I might end up giving some of that weight back temporarily. Certainly, this pace can’t just keep going every day. Although I will be running 90 minutes again, what I noticed during the day is that I was drinking a large amount of water. While water intake is vital and may even help weight loss in the long run, it can produce a short-term result of weight gain. Certainly, over just a 24-hour period, water intake can cause weight gain. So as long as I keep my diet in check, I will not feel bad if gaining a little weight today. That is probably pretty normal in this situation, where continued weight loss like the past 2 days becomes less realistic as the days go by.

Before my last meal, my weigh-in showed about 81.2 kg. It’s hard to say if this is good or bad because it depends on how much of the weight increase from 79.3 is water. I don’t know that it’s even possible to measure such a thing. But if I stay at or below about 81.5 kg, I can estimate that I’ll be able to at least break even after tomorrow morning’s workout. This is just a rough estimate at this time. It could be better or worse. Because of the comparatively high water intake, it’s just too hard to predict.
In a situation like this, it’s best to try to be extra careful on diet for the last meal of the day. If I pop up to 82.0 kg, that is probably going to be way too much.

I need to make a little adjustment here. After eating and weighing again, it showed that I was only 81.1 kg. This is a very good number and should allow me to lose weight again today. I’ll just have a little water and a small snack before going to bed later.

I was 80.2 directly after getting up and urinating. That already puts me in position to lose weight by the end of the coming jogging session. And I will likely lose even more before that starts in about 1.5 hours.

There is one big difference between today and the last 2 days, and that is my diet and body are getting back to normal. This means that I am likely to gain weight without exercise. The 80.2 figure is .9 kg above today’s starting weight yesterday morning. This means that I would definitely be gaining weight assuming no exercise. That is the unfortunate reality of my life and has been the reality ever since beginning Pentamize tracking in full weight-loss mode.

I would like to take more breaks. But the only way to do this is to change my diet. However, I feel that my diet is where it needs to be. It allows me to eat foods that satisfy me, keeps me from starving, and also keeps me from gaining so much weight that the exercise is not enough. I just can’t eat mostly vegetables. That kind of food lifestyle just doesn’t satisfy me. If it were the only option, perhaps that would be possible. But as long as I can eat some meat and limited carbs and exercise enough to lose or maintain weight, then that’s my preference.

I had a very tough run because my body felt tired and my left ankle continues to experience pain. Nonetheless, I was able to muster a decent amount of energy towards the end and measured my heart rate at 136. I lost 1.2 kg, which is right around the new average. What I mean by “new average” is that I was averaging 1.5 kg last year. But they has dropped in warmer months to approximately 1.2 to 1.3. I don’t know the reason for this drop, but it’s only a small change and may actually show that I am in better overall shape.

Anyway, here are my new post-vacation results:

Day 1: lost .6 kg
Day 2: lost 1.1 kg
Day 3: lost .3 kg (losing from 79.3 to 79.0 today)

I plan on continuing my 90-minute runs for the time being. Despite the large water intake yesterday, I was still able to pull off a good .3 kg weight loss. So the streak continues for now.

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