Day 305: Unusual Weight Loss Of .6 KG On a Break Day

This is an unusual day, but I have some ideas why things may have happened the way they did. I had actually lost weight even before running, which is the strange part for me. That rarely happens and has almost never happened during my Pentamize tracking career. I do remember breaking even without exercise but don’t remember ever actually losing weight except one day when I was really sick. And while I was slightly sick today, as well, my diet was fairly typical (mostly meatballs and yogurt).

I started at 81.0 and weighed in at 80.8 after waking up. But the key here is probably that I was losing extra weight that my body didn’t need after coming off of vacation. That’s the only thing that I can think of. It would be nice to have more days like this to allow for more exercise break days. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. As previously said, the last time I remember losing weight without exercise is when I was really sick and was eating less due to the sickness. That doesn’t really count in my book since it’s an unhealthy way to lose weight. But in this case, I did it pretty much as usual and had still lost weight before working out.

Assuming, though, that this is just extra weight lost from eating too much over the past few days, then this situation can’t be replicated in a healthy way. I would have to overeat on purpose, and the overall end result would be a weight gain, anyway. So there is no good weight-loss secret here that I can use on a regular basis.

I actually decided not to run today because this is that rare time when a break day still results in weight loss. The other factor was that I had a headache. That factor pushed the needle towards not exercising today. Since losing weight on a break day doesn’t come often and my body needs the rest, this is the perfect time to take a break. Still, I managed to lose .6 kg, getting down to 80.4 kg from yesterday’s 81.0. That is even better than most days where I run for 90 minutes.

Today’s developments do mean that a workout tomorrow is vital and that I should be careful about letting my diet get out of control. While taking breaks at times is important, it is also vital to keep up a regular exercise routine. If you go too many days without exercising, your body can get used to that. This may result in your getting lazy and wanting to take an even longer break.

I have decided to stick with morning/early afternoon runs and official weigh-ins right after or shortly after those running workouts. This schedule gives me flexibility in case I need to weigh in a little early or a little later than usual.

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