Days 299 To 304: Gained 4 KG Over Vacation

This is my first blog post since coming back from vacation. I gained 4.0 kg. However, there are a lot of details to discuss about this because it is misleading without the details.

The main thing to keep in mind is that I did not work out at all before doing my return weigh-in. However, I was actually 83.3 kg the first night. But that was right after eating one final large meal. With no exercise, I managed to drop all the way to 81.0 kg for the morning weigh-in.

Even the figure of 81.0 would have been lower had I worked out before weighing in. Due to timing, I was not able to do that. Thus, the 81 could have been in the 79 range, which would have been a gain of 2 to 3 kg instead of 4.0 kg. With that said, this was still obviously a large weight gain no matter how you look at it. So I have a lot of work to do ahead of me.

During the trip, we did a lot of walking around for sightseeing. However, in no way did I “exercise” in any way that would be considered medium or higher intensity. It was all low-intensity walking. And this is probably why I gained so much weight despite considerable walking in the Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park area and around other parts of London. As a result, I consider all of these days to have been break days and cheat days at the same time.

The lack of results from walking is yet another reminder that low-intensity walking has never worked to help me lose, maintain, or even keep off weight. Even with a reasonable diet, walking has not worked for me. And this reaffirms that.

I had wanted to work out over vacation, and it turned out that Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park have a lot of great running trails. However, I just couldn’t find the time to do it. So I ended up having no serious exercise workouts at all over the course of the 6-day trip. This, of course, greatly increased the amount of weight that I gained.

Despite the terrible results, it’s another good reminder that I simply won’t be able to avoid gaining weight and being overweight unless I follow my Pentamize techniques. And that goes for both diet and exercise. Both are indispensable components.

I’ll just briefly talk about my diet over this trip. It was pretty much atrocious. I drank a lot of coke and ate plenty of snacks. Interestingly, though, we had no unlimited buffets. So the results could have been potentially even worse than what they were. I don’t know how bad they would have been with 2 or 3 buffet meals.

Another thing that did probably hurt a lot is that I had a lot of bread and other carbohydrate-rich foods. This is not what I really wanted. But the continental breakfast was far too heavy on that and unfortunately did not have any meat products or much good fruit or vegetables. So I was stuck with eating a lot of bread every morning, which probably hurt a lot in the weight-gain department.

Going forward for a few weeks, it’s clear now that I have a lot of weight to lose again. This is a major recovery period. I am 6.0 kg above my target maintenance weight. That is 75.0 kg, which is 165 pounds. My current weight is 81.0 kg, which is 178 pounds. So my needed weight loss is about 10 to 13 pounds since I am okay with being slightly above the difficult target weight. If history is a guide, this could mean several weeks of hard work. Last time, I seem to remember taking something like close to 2 months to get back close to my target weight. We’ll see how it goes this time, but I am going to try to do it a little faster.

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