Gained Back Half The Weight Lost From Extreme Measures

Day 297

I am coming off of a very solid 3 days, with a weight loss of 1.2 kg. All 3 days involved extreme measures. In this case, I did “2 a day” running sessions each day.
They certainly had the desired effect, with weight losses of .5, .5, and .2 kg. The last day was tougher to squeeze out a loss for some reason. Without extreme measures on the 3rd day, I probably would have broken even or gained a little. Having that happen once out of 3 days is pretty normal, though. So it shows that all 3 days were a big success.

Unfortunately, my weight rose a lot yet again after running to end Day 296. I rose to 79.1 kg before bedtime. That is about the same as yesterday. But the problem is I am not doing extreme measures in the morning. So it may be difficult to break even and even harder to lose weight. Anyway, I have lost so much over the past 3 days that giving back a little might not be such a bad thing. It certainly won’t be a surprise.

Based on my weight before going to bed, it’s already clear that a 90-minute run is in the works tomorrow morning. This is the only way to even come close to getting back down to 76.1 kg.

I had a very unfortunate low weight loss overnight. I was 78.4 kg when getting up. However, that was pretty early, as I woke up very early for some reason.

I also had a much slower run than the past few days. My body seemed to be hitting a wall, so I just slowed down and kept that slow pace all the way to the end. And my heart rate was only about 108. My weight was about 77.3 after this long but slow session, which was a drop of close to 1.0 kg. That was still early, at about 8:30 in the morning. However, that is an alarming number because my workout is already done. The weight will now have to drop naturally over the next 4 hours or so before the official weigh-in. This is not going to be a pretty result. But maybe this was bound to eventually happen due to the enormous 1.2 kg combined loss of the past 3 days. So I will keep a positive attitude and accept this as a natural correction.

My weight is dropping some naturally, but not really on the dramatic basis that would be required to lose all the weight. At 11 in the morning, I weighed in at about 76.6 kg. That is definitely progress, but 2 more hours probably won’t be enough to lose the rest down to 76.1. Giving back some of the 1.2 lost over the past 3 days is not so bad, though. I would just like it to be .4 or less. Regardless, my extreme measures were very successful at reversing a very bad streak of weight gain even though I am giving back some of the recovery today.

The weight just wasn’t coming off anymore. I finished the day at 76.7 kg, which is a large weight gain of .6 kg.

This is exactly what I have noticed before when doing extreme measures. I will lose a lot of weight when doing the extreme measures. Then, I will gain some of that back right after ceasing the measures. In this case, I gave back half of what I lost. Here are the results for the last 4 days:

Day 1 – extreme measures – lost .5 kg (76.8 from 77.3)
Day 2 – extreme measures – lost .5 kg (76.3 from 76.8)
Day 3 – extreme measures – lost .2 kg (76.1 from 76.3)
Day 4 – no extreme measures – gained .6 kg (76.7 from 76.1)

This is still a weight loss of .6 kg over 4 days. While it is a downer gaining back half the weight in one day, the fact remains that the extreme measures worked to stop m previous streak of weight gain. So it’s still a big success.

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