Third and Final Day For This Stretch Of Extreme Measures; Lost .2 KG

Day 296

I might be doing some extreme measures to recover from my 5-day vacation, which starts on Sunday. But for now, today will be the last day for extreme measures. This is the 3rd day in a row, and it’s been very successful so far. I have lost 1.0 kg (down from 77.3 to 76.3) over the past 2 days. Interestingly, both days saw the exact same weight loss of .5 kg.

At 5 in the afternoon, I had risen to about 78.2 kg. If I want to do really well diet wise today, then I am going to need to slow down on food. I would like to not pass 78.7 kg. So it’s important to engage in some hardcore Pentamize tracking the rest of the day. The idea is not to starve. Placing a limit of about 78.7 should be good enough to set me up for the third day of weight loss in a row while still giving myself enough to eat and tide me over for the rest of the night and morning.

I was approximately 78.4 at 7 in the evening. So I am getting really close to that 78.7. It’s time to be extra careful here and not go over.

Well, I messed that up. After eating one last meal, I rose to about 79.1. Despite this failure, there is still a good chance to lose weight again on this last “extreme measures” day. If need be, I’ll just run even more than the last 2 days since this is the last day to maximize weight loss before my short trip.

When I woke up, I was at 78.0, which was also yesterday’s wakeup mark. However, I had awakened a little earlier. So this mark might improve before I start my first running session this morning.

Like yesterday, my first run today will be 40 minutes. This will give me the opportunity to directly compare with yesterday’s results. So far, it appears that I am a little behind, and it will be difficult to hit 77.2 by the end of the first run. However, this is fine because I can increase the duration of the second run if necessary.

I dropped to 77.7 about an hour after getting up (bathroom usage helped this reduction). This is looking a little better now, and it may give me a chance to avoid a really long second workout.

Note: The weight with a bathroom-type scale can only be an estimate since they tend to give slightly inconsistent readings. With the one I am using, it can be a difference of about a half a pound. So I weigh more than once to try to get a good estimate. This morning, I weighed again later and was 78.0 then weighed yet again and was 77.8. I believe that 77.8 is pretty close to the accurate mark. So I am setting this as my weight before the first run. All weights in this blog are estimates. But they are very close estimates. There are no figures that are 3 or 5 pounds off or anything ridiculous like that. We are talking fractions of a pound off at most. So the numbers are generally reliable, although it could be a problem with a contest or something like that. But since there is no contest here, slight inaccuries are not a concern.

I ran hard for 40 minutes, finishing at a heart rate of about 144. Despite that, the scale showed only a weight loss of .5 kg. That seems off, but it still puts me in good position before the second run. I am 1.0 kg above yesterday’s finishing weight. Now, it’s time to wait it out about an hour to 90 minutes before doing the 2nd session. Hopefully, I will drop some more by then and won’t have to run more than 75 minutes.

My second run was 77 minutes, and I lost about 1.0 to 1.1 kg. This dropped my weight to 76.1 kg. I was really thirsty right after the run. So I decided to call it a day there and have an official weigh-in of 76.1. This was a weight loss of .2 kg. Today is an example of a situation where I may have actually gained a small amount of weight even when running 90 minutes. I ran 23 extra minutes, and that time usually does cause a loss of approximately .2 kg. So it would have been around even. So the extra time appears to have been the major factor that allowed me to lose a little weight today.

My 3 days of extreme measures are over, and it was an awesome recovery. I dropped 1.2 kg (.5, .5, and .2), which was a drop from 77.3 to 76.1. Get the Pentamize book to learn more about extreme measures. My extreme techniques have never failed me yet. So this is one of the most vital aspects of my weight loss system.

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