Second Day Of This Round Of Extreme Measures And Lost .5 KG Again

Day 295

After an awesome day with a weight loss of .5 kg during a day of extreme measures, it’s time to do it all again. I started the day at 76.8 kg, and the goal is to lose more weight for a second day in a row.

I rose arguably a little too much during the day, reaching 79.1 kg by 7:30 in the evening. The good part is that I don’t really need to eat anything else, and I am not thirsty, either.

Since I was 78.3 when waking up this morning, things are looking pretty good so far. I might even be fairly close to that before going to bed. However, my weight will probably still be at least in the mid to high 78 range at bedtime. This should set me up for a nice weight loss in the morning after finishing my 2-a-day sessions.

For Day 294, I ran 30 minutes for the first session and 75 minutes for the second and final one. That is a total of 105 minutes, or 15 minutes more than a typical 90-minute workout. And my total weight loss was 1.2 kg. It was pretty easy since this was split into 2 sessions.

One session of 90 minutes straight feels a little more difficult than these 2 sessions even though these split workouts were 15 minutes longer. I might even consider doing this more often. But for now, I am just focusing on using this method as an extreme measure to lose weight. But whether I will do split workouts during normal weight maintenance phase is something I’ll have to think about.

I will probably do 30 and 75 minutes again even if that is not needed. It seemed like a good idea to do 2 more hard days of extreme measures, including today. This is important because of my 5-day vacation, which starts on Sunday. I won’t have so much time to do extra workouts on Saturday and Sunday. So this it is important to maximize my workouts today and tomorrow. However, there will still be time to work out once on Saturday morning and maybe Sunday morning.

My weight was 78.0 right after waking up and going to the bathroom. That was about .3 kg better than yesterday’s mark. 78.0 is also 1.2 kg above yesterday’s final weight. So this is looking good for more weight loss since I will have my two workouts plus lose some extra weight over the next 4 or so hours.

I’ll be doing an initial 40-minute run today and then will decide how long to go on the 2nd run after determining how much weight I need to lose for a good weight loss. Today’s goal, of course, is significant weight loss, not just breaking even. So tacking on some extra running time is normal in this spot. Of course, I am not going to run a total of 3 hours or anything close to that. But it may be a total of more than 90 minutes.

After running 40 minutes, I saw a big drop to 77.2 kg. That was surprisingly good, and I was 77.1 after urinating. This sets me up to smash yesterday’s mark of 76.8 kg. I think I will run 60 minutes, which will make for a total of 100 minutes. A run of 60 minutes will hopefully show a drop of at least .7 kg, but hopefully even more. At any rate, this is good for a second large daily weight loss in a row (using extreme measures on both days).

On my 90-minute run, I lost a fairly disappointing .7 kg. However, I could not have expected much more than that. And it got me down to 76.4 kg. The day ended at 76.3 kg, which made this the second day in a row to lose .5 kg.

In 2 days of extreme measures that consisted of 2 separate jogging sessions, I have lost 1.0 kg. That is a self-evident huge success. 76.3 is less than 3 pounds above my target maintenance weight. Since that target is just a goal (and a hard one to maintain), this weight is a good number in my mind. However, I have one more day of extreme measures, and it will be the same schedule as the last 2 days. The goal is to lose more weight. Breaking even is not good enough. So I need to watch my diet closely again today so the running gets me below 76.3.

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