Large Weight Loss Of .5 KG On First Day Of Extreme Measures

Day 294

I have gained far too much weight recently and have now gone back over 77 kg (hit 77.3 for Day 293’s ending weigh-in).

I had planned on starting some extreme measures today. And my first idea was to run some in the evening and then finish out with a longer run in the morning. But time and other issues got to me at night, so I didn’t run at all. Thus, I now have to change course and use a different plan for these extreme measures.

While my usual routine for extreme measures is to do split workouts (such as one in the evening and one in the morning), it’s possible to do 2 workouts in the morning (or 2 in the evening if that fits your schedule). On my current schedule, that will be in the morning for me.

Since the whole idea of extreme measures (split workouts in this case) is to break a bad streak and start losing some again, the most effective way to do this is to have one short workout, take a break, then have the second workout that is typically going to be longer than the first one.

The idea of the first workout is to lose a little weight, cool down for a while, and then weigh in. At that weigh-in, you can then determine how much more weight you need to lose. Let me give you an example.

Weight Needed To Lose Before Weigh-In: 1.3 kg
Workout 1: run 30 minutes and lose .4 kg
Weight Needed To Lose For Second Workout: .9 kg
Workout 2: run 75 minutes and lose 1.0 kg

In this case, I would lose .1 kg on the day plus some additional loss if I use the bathroom before weighing in. The above is just an example and not my actual results today. The actual results will be summarized below. However, the above is pretty much what I intend to do for the first workout. 30 minutes of running will help me lose a little weight, but I’ll likely still be over for the day. So I will run either more or less than 70 minutes, depending on how much I need to lose at that time. However, since I am trying to get back below 77.0 kg, I will go a little farther than the amount needed to break even.

As a side note, you may be wondering how I am supposed to know how much weight I am going to lose before running. Well, that is the main benefit of Pentamize tracking. Months and months of experience tell me about what I can lose at different workout durations. This tracking history information comes very much in handy at times like today.

When I woke up in the morning, I was about 78.3 kg. This is better than yesterday by .6 kg even before running the two sessions and 1.0 kg over yesterday’s final mark. This mark should make it easy for me to lose a lot of weight today before this morning’s weigh-in. In fact, it’s going to be a huge day. I should be able to get back down into the 76 range and complete a solid first day of extreme measures.

The initial 30-minute session was good, dropping my weight to 77.8 kg. That is .5 kg less than my wakeup weight. It may have been only about .4 if a small amount was natural weight loss over that period. Nonetheless, since tracking that is not practical, I always count the weight before and after to determine the weight lost during exercise. So it’s officially .5 kg the way I do it. I dropped a little more to 77.7 due to bathroom usage, and finally 77.6 right before it was time to run again. I’m ready to smash the bits out of this weight-gain streak. I am thinking that 75 minutes is a good amount. That will make for a grand total of 105 minutes today in 2 separate sessions. A 75-minute session will be enough to lose about 1 kg (a little more or a little less is possible). So this session should put me well back into the 76 range and allow me to lose more than the .6 that I gained yesterday.

My 75-minute run didn’t have great results, but they were good enough. I lost .8 kg, which dropped me to 76.8. That resulted in a solid daily weight loss of .5 kg, or more than a pound. This was the first day of extreme measures. And as expected, it was successful. About the only way extreme meausures are not going to work for me is if I cheat badly on my diet. As long as the diet discipline is at least average, then extreme measures are designed to almost guarantee a weight loss. I will be doing this again tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday. The goal is to get somewhere close to 76.0. But I don’t have a precise goal except to have a sizable weight loss over the next 2 days.

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