Gained .6 KG And Now Forced To Start Extreme Measures

Day 293

Yesterday was a crazy time. I cheated on my diet and went well over 79 before bedtime. And I woke up and was 78.8. That was significantly higher than most recent days. Yet, things actually got better when I ran and lost 1.5 kg. So I finished at 76.7 and actually gained only .1 kg.

While today was not really a cheat day, the weight results on the diet side of the equation ended up being very similar. I gained way too much and was at 79.8 at almost 9 at night. This is possibly even worse than yesterday, except that I probably had more junk food yesterday. Thus, my weight will hopefully drop to below 78.8 by morning. That 79.8 includes some milk that I drank later at night. So that will hopefully digest soon, which will definitely help. I don’t drink much milk. But having eaten enough meat already today, I decided to do something a little different. At least it was enough to tide me over for the rest of the day.

I have had a decent recovery since last night (this is before running). I woke up and was about 78.8 kg, which is a 1 kg drop. Then, after about 3 more hours, I had gone to the bathroom some and dropped to 78.6 kg. This is pretty close to yesterday’s weight at about the same time. So what was looking really terrible is looking not quite as bad.

My run was quite similar to yesterday in terms of intensity. And the results also turned out to be close, but I lost 1.3 kg instead of 1.5. I didn’t really need to go to the bathroom, so it was time to weigh in. This was a really bad weight gain of .6, up from 76.7 to 77.3.

It’s kind of funny that I seemed to cheat a lot more yesterday and gained .1 kg, while I seemed to overeat a little today and gained .6. It is not uncommon, though, to have unexpected results with something as unpredictable as weight gain and loss.

Another factor is tracking. Even though I use my own Pentamize tracking system, my daily routine does not always consist of tracking every single bite of food that goes in my mouth. That would make for a seriously time-consuming task. So I will sometimes overeat due to lax tracking. And it can lead to the awful trend that I am experiencing now. At any rate, the diet choices have finally taken their toll with a plain ol’ bad day instead of the recent small gains.

After another day on this downward spiral, I now have no choice left. It’s time to start extreme measures. I will discuss my game plan for these extreme measures in the Day 294 blog post.

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