Partial Cheat Day Takes Its Toll; Extreme Measures Ahead

Day 292

Today turned into pretty much a cheat day even though that was not originally planned. This is probably going to push me right into extreme measures starting tomorrow, depending on the morning’s results. And this is especially important since I will be going on vacation on Sunday, July 16. This blog post is being written on July 9 and 10 and published on the 10th.

In the afternoon, we went for a short picnic and had all sorts of snacks, including coke, cookies, crackers, and chips. Of course, this is a major diet killer, and it will be hard to recover from it even if running for 90 minutes tomorrow morning.

The main problem with junk food is that, despite its high caloric content, it doesn’t really fill you up (at least in my case). So I am left still having to eat something of substance that is going to satisfy my normal cravings. Junk food doesn’t do that very well. However, I am going to try to keep the dinner meal to a minimum instead of having a full meal. This was not intended to be a cheat day, so I will try to keep the damage to a minimum the rest of the day.

Bad news hit in the morning, when I woke up and was 78.8 kg. This is something like an entire kilogram over yesterday’s wakeup mark, although the time may have been a little different. Nonetheless, I am way over and obviously need to do another long run. There is no point in delaying extreme measures now. However, that will actually start on Day 293, not today. That is because it is already morning, and I only have time for one workout. And as per my usual limitations, I am just not going to go over 90 minutes. That is pushing my body past the point that it feels comfortable.

There is also a higher risk of injury when pushing for a longer and longer run. Besides that, I don’t believe it’s even possible to make back the weight this morning, anyway. Today is already an inevitable disaster.

Some positive things happened after I wrote the above paragraph. Despite a pretty slow run (heart rate of 120 at the end), I dropped from 78.4 to 76.9 kg, for a weight loss of 1.5. And after going to the bathroom, that dropped further to 76.7 kg. Amazingly, that resulted in a very small daily weight gain of .1 kg. This was not expected and may allow me to decide to delay extreme measures for one day. That was a heck of a turnaround there at the end. I guess my body was just ready to sweat out more or something. The 1.5 is what I used to average during full weight-loss mode. But it’s been lower recently for some reason.

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