Thinking About Extreme Measures Again

Day 291

Over the past few days, I have been getting more and more frustrated. My weight is going up, and I really don’t know why.

On Day 285, I got down to 75.9. Since then, I have been on an upward trajectory and don’t really know what to do at this point other than working out more. I guess that’s the only thing I can do. The good part is I did reduce the duration of some of my workouts recently. So while that was good, the actual results from that have been bad overall. I weighed in at 76.7 kg yesterday. So in 5 days, that is a weight gain of .8 kg.

I don’t like to resort to extreme measures unless necessary. And it is getting close to that point. My plan is to give it one more day here and see what happens. If I gain any weight over this 24-hour period, then it’s time to dig deep and make things happen. Gaining .8 kg over 5 days is just not acceptable. There weren’t even any break days during that time.

From a start of 76.7, I had risen back to 79.0 at 9 at night. This is a little higher than yesterday at the same time. However, when considering that I gained a little weight yesterday, it’s about the same food consumption.

Once again, I am probably not going to reach the 78.5 mark by bedtime. That would require a whole pound, which is unlikely to occur in only 1 or 2 hours.

If I gain again, then I will be doing 2 workouts a day as an extreme measure – one in the evening and one in the morning. This is not something that I do often because it’s hard to keep up such a demanding exercise schedule. “2 a day” workouts are for when I really need to reverse course and stop gaining weight.

I had one more small meal, which almost guarantees my weight will be over 79.0 at bedtime. Well, this will probably force me do extreme measures starting tomorrow. And I will just do that if necessary.

Unlike yesterday, I did drop more overnight. After I got up and went to the bathroom, I weighed in at 77.8 kg. This was a much better drop, although the end result is similar. The good part is that I am in position to probably lose a little weight by the end of doing my 90-minute jogging session. While that is not totally certain, my result would have to be below average for that not to happen.

I just so happened to have a pretty average result for my fairly average run. My heart rate was only about 120, and I lost 1.2 kg, getting down to 76.6 kg. And that was enough to lose .1 kg today. Although that is a small weight loss, it was a good recovery from a bad night last night on the diet side of the equation. So I consider this to be a pretty big success when considering the poor diet choices.

I have also avoided having to go into extreme measures, although that may still be necessary if I don’t have a really good day soon. Another issue is that I am going on a 5-day vacation to London a week from today. So I may need to work extra hard soon, anyway, since I will be gaining weight over the vacation. A hotel with a gym was too expensive, so I might not be able to work out there. It depends on whether I can find a place to jog, and I am not familiar with London. So I’ll need to scope the place out and see if there is a safe place to jog outside.

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