Odd Result In Overnight Weight Loss Results In Daily Gain

Day 290

Today, I have my sights set on being no more than 78.5 kg at bedtime. Already, though, that is looking like it’s going to be tough.

I was very thirsty and hungry after my 90-minute run, even though it wasn’t even a fast run. So my weight went up fast from 76.4 to about 78.9. That is what it was when checking at 5:15 in the afternoon. My run was over at 12:45 in the afternoon, which is when I weighed in at yesterday’s 76.4. So that was a pretty fast increase of about 2.5 kg. It’s now time to sacrifice. The only way I can make this work is to limit my food intake to no more than about .2 kg the rest of the day before sleeping. If I do that, natural weight loss, including using the bathroom, might possibly get me back down to 78.5. But I must sacrifice and keep food consumption down to about .2. Otherwise, there is no way I’ll hit this goal today.

I did pretty good after hitting 78.9 and was 79.0 at 8:30 p.m., despite eating one more fairly small meal. However, jumping to 78.9 earlier is probably too much to overcome. I don’t expect to hit 78.5 by bedtime, which is about 2 hours away.

I actually did hit 78.6, which was only .1 off the desired mark. But then things got disappointing. When I woke up at 6:30, I had not gone down much and was still at 78.0. That is like a number during the winter, not summer. Lately, I have often dropped over 1 kg overnight, presumably due to a higher level of average water consumption. But something caused it to be substantially less overnight.

My run was a little early, and I dropped about 1 kg. But that was for a fast 58-minute run. I was real happy with that run, and it’s nice to be able to finish early. But that pace is just too much for me. My heart rate was about 168 at the end, which is one of the highest that I have ever recorded.

Since I finished at about 9 in the morning, it will be a couple of hours or so before the official weigh-in. Thus, I have some opportunity here to at least break even. But it’s far from certain. Even if I gain a little, I guess it was meant to be because I made no major mistakes today. As discussed above, maybe I ate a little too much earlier in the day. But I slowed down after that and finished at 78.6 before going to bed. The real issue seems to be that I woke up and was still 78.0. I can’t explain that small drop. If there’s something that is inexplicable like that that holds me back on one day, I don’t sweat it because I sometimes inexplicably drop weight. These sorts of things even out if you have a plan for overall success.

Because my weight was 76.9 after the run, I was .5 kg over yesterday’s weigh-in. That had slowly dropped to 76.7 by 10 in the morning. I decided to tough it out and wait until about 10:45 to do the official weigh-in. This result is probably going to be a weight gain. But there’s nothing else I can do today but just accept it.

For some reason, I weighed in at 76.8 at 10:45. So I decided to wait about 30 more minutes for the official weigh-in. I won’t wait any longer because I am really thirsty now.

Ultimately, I had to settle for ending the day at 76.7 kg. That is a poor result, but the low drop overnight could not be overcome unless I were going to do a long run. The timing was not right for that, but I’ll try to make up for this tomorrow.

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