Paring Down Recipes To Avoid Overeating

Day 289

After a pretty solid day up to 8:30 at night, I made some diet mistakes. I was about 77.8 kg at that time and had intentionally consumed less to have some pizza and a smoothie. Then, I ended up eating a little too much. So that put me in a similar position as recent days. I was somewhere close to 79 again (I did not actually weigh in but believe it was definitely well over 78.5 at bedtime). Thus, I was not able to hit the 78.5 bedtime goal today. I will try more diligently to do that tomorrow.

Of course, the pizza is not very healthy or good for losing weight. But I frequently eat pizza and often lose weight on those days. The key is to eat no more than about .3 kg of the stuff, which is easy to do with one medium pizza from the grocery store. So pizza in moderation is fine for my weight maintenance. The bigger problem is that I drank too much of the smoothies. And while this is relatively healthy, too much can obviously be a bad thing when it comes to dieting.

The problem I have with smoothies is that I make a batch that is just too big. This is precisely why I don’t recommend large dishes, such as making an entire casserole or huge pot of stew. Even if you have determined that you are eating a relatively healthy dish, the amount you consume is still important. So in my experience, people who have a tendency to overeat can help themselves by eating whole foods instead of following typical recipes, which usually call for a rather large amount of food. However, if you can take a recipe and proportionally pare down the ingredients that are called for to make a smaller version of the same dish, that could help you avoid overeating. Here is an example:

Original Diet:
4 eggs
2 cups of sugar
3 pats of butter
2 chicken breasts

Pared-Down Recipe
2 eggs
1 cup of sugar
1.5 pats of butter
1 chicken breast

If the recipe will still work with the same ingredients but a lesser amount of each ingredient, then you could try it that way to avoid having too much food around the house. Of course, it is also helpful to make something that does not have to be consumed immediately and can be eaten as leftovers. But that is not always practical. So paring down a recipe to make a smaller version of the dish is at least something to consider. And if you can’t do that, it’s best to just forget that dish and either try another one or go for whole foods (a few carrots, a head of broccoli, 3 chicken wings with nothing major added, etc.). In my case, I really need to make a smaller batch of smoothies to avoid overconsumption. And it is practical to do that by just using less of everything.

I woke up early today (6 o’clock) and weighed in at 78.2 kg. This is pretty disappointing, but I had several hours to go. So this will hopefully drop quite a bit before exercise time. But it’s looking like yet another 90-minute session will be needed.

There is another issue to consider in this spot. Because I ate a lot of my food yesterday at around 8:30 to 9:30 at night, that is less time for it to digest as compared to stopping daily consumption at an earlier time. So it’s possible that today will show a weight gain simply due to timing of the situation. If so, I’ll have a much better chance of a weight loss tomorrow because that will give my body more time to digest everything. Of course, I am theorizing here. But this does happen sometimes when eating later at night instead of the arguably more prudent approach of finishing all meals at about 5 or 6 (for someone who sleeps at about 10 to midnight).

Actually, I did drop all the way to 77.6 (an additional .6 kg) in the approximate 4.5 hours between working out. Part of this was from using the bathroom, but it was seemingly not .6 from that only. So my weight was apparently still dropping from digestion.

My 90-minute run was fairly slow, and the finishing heart was about 120 to 124. I lost 1.1 kg, which is not so good. But after the run and going to the bathroom, my weight was down to 76.4. That was only .1 kg above yesterday’s official weigh-in. I had to end it there and settled for gaining .1 kg today.

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