New Diet Goal Ahead

Day 287 and 288 are both in this blog post. My new diet goal is detailed in Day 288 of this Pentamize weight maintenance blog.

Day 287

Today, I had planned on probably running for 90 minutes since I gained a little too much yesterday (.4 kg). And it was only a 70-minute session yesterday, so my legs were slightly rested.

As long as I have had a good run up to that point, I will sometimes finish early. And today, I hit home at about 81 minutes. But this was a very good run, so I felt it was justified to go ahead and stop. And when I checked my heart rate, it was way up to there at about 156. That is solid for me, and I had kept that pace for something like 30 to 40 minutes. This was one of the harder runs I have had in a while.

Although my run result was good, my diet was just so-so. I rose to close to 79, woke up at 77.9, and managed to drop to 77.5 before running. And with the good loss of 1.4 during the run, that reduced my weight to 76.1 kg. I then finished off the day by going to the bathroom and weighing in at 76.0. That made for a loss of .3 kg today.

Looking at the past 2 days, I have gained a net of .1 kg. But this includes one day where I definitely ate too much and ran 70 minutes, and another day where I had just a decent diet and jogged for 81 minutes. Thus, even though neither day included a 90-minute workout session, I just about broke even. And this most likely would have been a net loss had my diet discipline been on point.

Day 288

I continue to have the same problem on almost a daily basis. Whatever the reason, my weight keeps going up to about 79. This is excessive because it is too hard to avoid gaining weight. Weight maintenance is requiring too much exercise effort. I end up having to run 90 minutes over and over again. And I don’t see that as a positive long-term lifestyle. I need some breaks. By “breaks,” I mean at least reducing my session durations on some days, not necessarily not exercising at all.

I am often going up 2.5 to 3 kg between my weigh-in and bedtime. And this is usually something like 11 hours. In pounds, we are talking about 5 to 6.5 pounds. This does include water, which I am drinking quite a bit of after recent runs. Nonetheless, that is still too much weight when considering I am also going to the bathroom throughout the day.

A new goal I need to set is to be no more than 78.5 at bedtime on at least some days. These 79 days are making it very hard to get back down to around 76 for the official weigh-ins. I can do it on some days. But if my weight doesn’t drop much overnight, it can result in 76.5 or even higher. And this is on non-cheating days.

The only way to stay at or below 78.5 on at least some days (maybe 2 or 3 times a week is good to start) is to do some hardcore Pentamize tracking. I will have to track constantly throughout the day, particularly before any meal. This will give me an idea of how much I can eat. I have said this about 1000 times now. But even diet and exercise is not always good enough for me. The glue that holds my system together is my Pentamize tracking. This is pretty easy to learn for yourself if you get my book. I even have a 9-step shortcut method if you don’t have the time to go through the whole book.

As for today, it looks like I will be somewhere between 78.5 and 79.0 at bedtime. I was at about 78.8 a little before bed.

When I woke up, my weight was 77.7 kg. That is .2 kg better than yesterday’s weight at the same time. This is a great way to start the morning, and I had about 3 hours left until the run at that point. So this should drop to something like 77.3, but that’s just an estimate.

I will probably run 90 minutes today, but at a slow pace. Yesterday was much faster than average, and it doesn’t seem like the time to try to match that pace.

I was still 77.6 before the run, which was more than expected. Nonetheless, it is still around the same weight as yesterday. So a decent run result will be good enough to get close to a breakeven mark.

Unfortunately, the run result was not that great. I actually did run faster than expected, finishing up at a heart rate of about 144. Nonetheless, I was still 76.4 kg after that session, which was only a loss of about 1.2 kg. I had hoped for a little better than this and expected it as much as I was sweating. But that was the modest result for whatever reason.

I went to 76.3 after urinating. This had me at .3 kg over for the day, and I decided to weigh in about 30 minutes after that. But I was just stuck at that spot and officially weighed in at 76.3. That is a .3 kg and a pretty big disappointment. But it also justifies my decision to start that new diet goal of going to bed at no more than 78.5 at least 2 or 3 times a week.

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