Need To Reduce Exercise Vs. Needs Of The Moment

Day 286

After hitting 75.9 kg yesterday, I felt it was time to consider running less today. However, the main idea was to look at the situation and do enough exercise to meet the “needs of the moment.” Read yesterday’s blog post for more on what “needs of the moment” refers to. But in this case, it basically means my plan today was to run as much as necessary to break even or maybe lose a little weight, as opposed to running 90 minutes even if I don’t need it.

Unfortunately, I often end up not following my diet properly, which destroys my idea of running less. We grilled today, and I ate a little too much. My weight was something like 79 by the time I went to bed. This was too high, and my weight lowered to about 77.8 and then finally 77.4 right before the run.

That extra .4 drop before running was pretty good. The problem is that that still puts me 1.5 kg above yesterday morning’s official weight. I don’t think I can lose 1.5 kg if running only 60 minutes, which was my preferred time today. I feel that I need to run a little farther. At the same time, I still don’t feel like running 90 minutes today.

I think I will run 70 minutes. It won’t be enough to lose 1.5 kg. However, I must accept that the level of cheating was just a little too much yesterday to expect to break even today. My plan is to accept whatever weight gain comes from this. Now, this is not a “needs of the moment” decision. I certainly need to run the full 90 minutes. But sometimes, the need to slow down a little (I’ll call this the “need to reduce exercise”) overrides the needs of the moment (meaning need to break even or lose a little). My body needs to reduce this run more than I need to avoid a small weight gain today. It will still be a fairly small weight gain, and I can recover tomorrow.

This balancing decision can be referred to as the need to reduce exercise vs. the needs of the moment. It just happens that the balance today weighs in favor of the need to reduce exercise. This is acceptable because it will still be a fairly small weight gain. An expected gain of 1.0 kg or something like that, though, would probably tip the balance in favor of meeting the needs of the moment and running for 90 minutes.

I dropped about 1.1 kg during the 70-minute run. That put me at an official weight of 76.3 kg. Although that is a pretty bad weight gain of .4 kg, it feels like it was worth it to me. My body needed the reduced workload, and some gain was already expected due to overeating.

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