Making Exercise Decisions Based On The Needs Of The Moment

Day 285

I am coming off a day where I gained .2 kg despite running for 90 minutes. However, because I have done so well recently in getting back to the low 76 range, the small weight gain is probably a natural result. Thus, I am not thinking much yet about how long to run in the morning (before the official weigh-in). I’ll probably just play it by ear by seeing about how much I need to lose to get close to breakeven.

I shot up to approximately 79.0 kg. However, quite a bit of this was from some fruit smoothies and a little more from watermelon. That is probably why I dropped dramatically overnight, getting back down to about 77.4 kg. That is the only reason I can think of for the large overnight drop because that is so much bigger than usual. This drop might be normal for you, depending on your typical diet. I don’t drink smoothies that much. But I have noticed large drops after eating a lot of watermelon. So this is not that surprising. Of course, you can still overconsume with fruit smoothies or anything that has a lot of added sugar or other bad ingredients. So I am not necessarily endorsing smoothies, as it depends on what kind you have, how much you consume, how much sugar you add, etc.

After a fairly average run, I lost about 1.3 kg, which also happens to pretty much be my average in recent sessions. That got me down to 76.0, and I also went down again to 75.9 after urinating. Well, that took a while (about a week). But at least I finally reached that 75.9 mark even though I was not specifically going for it anymore (that short-term goal was abandoned 2 days ago). However, before running today, I thought about reducing the run duration, but then realized I might actually hit 75.9. So I decided to stay at 90 minutes again at least one more day. And it paid off this time.

The above paragraph is an example of making a decision at the last minute based on the “needs of the moment.” It is a component of exercise tracking, although this tracking occurs before your actual workout. In this case, if my weight had been 77.7, like yesterday’s mark before the run, I probably would have reduced the run to 75 minutes because it would be awfully hard to reach 75.9. So it would be more realistic to try to have a decent run and then go back up to 90 tomorrow and hopefully hit the 75.9. But 77.3 made it seem more realistic that I could hit the 75.9 today. So I decided to go for it. This obviously may or may not work, depending on a bunch of factors. But it worked great for me today.

In the end, I lost .3 kg today. That made back the .2 gain from yesterday plus an additional .1 kg. Tomorrow, as long as my weight doesn’t go up too much, I may be able to reduce my session duration.

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