Slower Run Still Produces Good Results

Day 284

Today may prove to be difficult in the weight-loss department because I have lost 1.5 kg in the past 2 days. This kind of pace can’t just continue indefinitely. There is always that day where the streak reverses itself. Whether today is that day is not clear. But it would not be surprising. However, when this does happen, it’s usually a small weight gain as long as I stick to my normal diet and exercise routine.

Today, I felt good enough to run for 90 minutes, but not at a fast pace. So my decision was to take it slow for pretty much the whole 90 minutes. Sometimes, when I do this, an unexpected burst of energy helps me speed up for at least part of the run. This is usually near the end of the run, and the same thing did happen today. A couple of times during the session (including at the end), I was able to speed up. And at the very end, I was even at a heart rate of about 124. That is higher than the expected figure. So this was good, and I also somehow lost 1.3 kg during this jog. So I am happy with my run result today.

The slight downer is that my weight didn’t drop much during sleep time. I went to bed at about 78.5 and woke up at 77.7. That was the same weight as the same time yesterday. And even after the run, my weight stayed the same, at 76.4 kg.

I might gain a small amount by weigh-in time, but I consider my performance to be about the same as yesterday. But I seem to have lost more weight going to the bathroom yesterday. If that’s the only difference, I am not worried about it because water issues take care of themselves naturally. There is nothing specific that needs to be done unless you feel you have a medical issue that affects your urination or bowel movements. In that case, you may need to see a doctor. Otherwise, as far as weight loss and maintenance are concerned, going to the bathroom generally takes care of itself. However, it can differ from day to day, which may also affect your very short-term weigh-in results.

I managed to lose an extra .2 kg before my official weigh-in. Although that resulted in a 76.2 kg result and a .2 kg increase, it’s very understandable under these circumstances. I could not really expect yet another day of weight loss after the past 2 days. Things are evening out nicely here. Over the last 4 days, I have a net weight loss of .3 kg. And that includes one session of running in place instead of actual running, two 90-minute runs, and one 70-minute run. To lose weight overall while reducing some of my workout intensity or duration at the same time is a fine result.

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