Another Drop Of .3 KG And 1.5 In 2 Days

Day 283

Today’s starting weight was 76.3 kg. That was from a huge drop of 1.2 kg after gaining 1.0 kg the day before that. The reason for the huge 1.0 kg swing was that I ran in place for 70 minutes and got poor results on Day 281. The reason for yesterday’s huge weight loss of 1.2 kg is because of a much more disciplined diet and a decent 83-minute jogging session (actual running instead of running in place). For more on the poor results obtained from running in place, read yesterday’s blog post.

After starting the day at 76.3, I was doing pretty good on diet up to 3:30 in the afternoon. I weighed in at that time at 77.8 kg. To compare to yesterday, I was 78.8 at bedtime. So with gains (eating) and losses (bathroom and other normal digestion and body processes), I need to gain no more than 1.0 kg more by bedtime. It should ideally be less than that since it’s not possible to predict how much I will lose overnight or through exercise tomorrow morning (before the official daily weigh-in).

I went to bed at approximately 78.7. This is just an estimate because I ended up falling asleep without weighing in the past couple of hours. At wakeup time, I was down to 77.7, which was a good weight to start the day.

I had to run early (7:40 in the morning) and did not feel like running 90 minutes. Since yesterday was a phenomenal day, it seemed like a great time to lower my session duration. So I decided on 70 minutes. Luckily, I somehow lost 1.3 kg during this run, which reduced my weight to 76.4. That was only .1 over yesterday’s official weigh-in, with still 2 to 3 hours to go.

I am writing this now with a couple of hours to go until I weigh in. I will abstain from eating or drinking anything until that time. If I really get hungry or thirsty, my usual routine is to weigh in early and accept those results even if it’s less than exactly 24 hours. That’s because anything you eat or drink is obviously not going to be digested in time if you only have like one hour left until weigh-in time. So for a reading that is accurate, you need to weigh in early. What I am talking about here is if you follow my current schedule of working out shortly before the official weigh-in. There are other schedules where this will not apply at all. For example, I used to take my official weigh-in after sleeping and start the day with an exercise session instead of ending it with a session. In that case, I was usually weighing in right near the 24-hour daily mark. Since my weigh-in was right after waking up and going to the bathroom, I would never be eating or drinking before that since it’s basically no time at all.

Today, I did abandon that short-term goal about getting to 75.9 before cutting my 90-minute runs to a shorter time. It’s okay to do this if you have a good reason. And “my body just can’t do it today” is a good reason as long as you understand that there is no excuse to get lazy for purely mental reasons. But cutting from 90 to 70 minutes is hardly getting lazy. LOL. So this was a reasonable decision that matched my body and mind’s needs at the time. For me, there is no abiding need to meet every goal as long as you are still making progress or effectively maintaining.

I went to the bathroom again and weighed in after a couple more hours. Another nice drop of .4 kg occurred during that time. So I finished at a nice 76.0 kg, which was also a weight loss of .3 kg today. This was a surprisingly good day, which doesn’t seem to happen often. Yet, through consistency, I have managed to be within a couple of pounds of my target weight. And that is a success in my book as long as I am that close.

Additionally, I have now lost 1.5 kg in the past two days. However, this should be put in proper perspective. Because I gained 1.0 kg 3 days ago, that means I have lost .5 kg in 3 days. Overall, that’s great. The point is merely saying “lost 1.5 kg in 2 days” is misleading because it doesn’t consider the large increase the day before. At any rate, .5 kg of weight loss in 3 days is solid.

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