Achieving Diet-Exercise Balance

Day 280

Yesterday was solid, with a weight loss of .4 kg. I dropped from 76.6 to 76.2 kg. Today is probably going to be a bit different. While I would not say it was a cheat day, I did eat a little too much.

We did a little grilling and finished up eating at 7 p.m. My weight was something like 79.4 kg at that time. This looks pretty bad. My weight was 77.9 when waking up on Day 279. It would be mighty hard to get down to that from 79.4 by morning. So it looks like a probable weight gain today.

Even though today had a small amount of cheating, I try not to let this get me down. I am not perfect, and the enjoyment of eating with family is not something to completely eliminate from life. I just try to keep it to a minimum, and except for once or twice a month, limit the amount that I eat. That way, even if it’s a little bit of overeating, it’s not a full-on cheat day.

It’s not easy to cheat and maintain or lose weight for me and I premuse a lot of other people. This usually requires me to exercise more than I really want. But there is a fair tradeoff here. If I decide to cheat a little by eating too much, then I need to sacrifice in the exercise department. For me, that usually means going out and doing a 90-minute jog to make up for the cheating as much as possible in one day. Often, one day is not enough. So I may have to do this for 2 or 3 days with a moderate cheating day and sometimes more for a full-on cheat day.

The point to be made is a weight loss/maintenance plan is about balance. If I get out of balance on my diet, then the response to that is to step up my exercise to get the diet-exercise combination back in balance.

If I do manage to eat less than my usual, that’s when I can also exercise less unless I am still recovering from recent cheating. So the balance for weight maintenance can go in 3 basic directions:

1. eat more than the typical amount and exercise more;
2. eat less than the typical amount and exercise less; or
3. eat the typical amount and exercise the typical amount.

Now, these are just the Big Picture balancing acts for weight maintenance. Things are different if you are still losing weight, such as exercising more even on days with the average diet because you have some extra weight to lose. It’s impossible to cover every scenario when it comes to weight loss since there are so many different plans. Weight maintenance is easier to understand because there are just 3 main scenarios (see above).

I woke up and went to the bathroom twice and then weighed in at 78.0 kg. This is a little better than expected. Unlike my recent routine, I had a fairly small breakfast today. So this was expected to raise my weight some before the workout. This will make the situation a little worse, and I will likely gain some weight today. In fact, I was 78.2 after this small meal. It’s not necessarily a fatal blow. It just depends on whether I naturally lose some extra weight to go along with my normal workout. But it’s likely that I will gain some by weigh-in time.

Right before the run, I had dropped to 77.8 kg. At about the same time yesterday, I was 77.5. So while I am at a small disadvantage, this is actually only about .3 above that mark. Thus, I have at least a small chance of breaking even here but will likely have a smallish gain. At any rate, it won’t be too bad.

My run had the same result as yesterday, which was a loss of 1.3 kg. That reduced me to 76.5 kg. Actually, I ran only about 81 minutes because I was dead tired as I arrived back home. But to make up for that, I ran hard and finished at about 152 beats per minute. Although the 76.5 is a gain of .3 kg today, it could have been so much worse. My diet wrecked me, but the decent run results kept the gain to a relatively low amount.

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