Dropped .4 KG To Take Back Yesterday’s Gain

Day 279

The last two days have been a see-saw affair. I first lost .4 kg and then gained .3 of it back yesterday. At least that’s a small net weight loss over this period. But because I just gained some, I’ll have to do a good workout today. Additionally, I have already set a new short-term goal of hitting 75.9 before cutting my 90-minute workouts to a shorter time (at least for one day and then modify based on Pentamize tracking after that). And since I am going in the opposite direction from that goal, it’s time to keep up the hard work.

Today has not been a perfect day when it comes to diet. But I tried to be more conscious of how much I was eating. It appears to have been well less than yesterday, and my weight was 78.4 at about 9 at night. This is a nice improvement over yesterday, as that is only .2 kg over my weight when I woke up. I could be around 1 kg ahead when getting up in the morning. However, that’s impossible to predict with good accuracy. But I am finished with all food and drink for the night. Thus, the advantage I will have in the morning should be substantial compared to yesterday morning’s 78.2. I even had one breezer earlier, which should generally be frowned upon. But looking at my weight at that time, I knew I could afford it.

The Pentamize system has an entire section on when and how to reward yourself. I followed that advice from my book when drinking that breezer earlier in the evening.

As stated above, it’s never possible to predict these things with solid accuracy. For some reason I don’t understand, I woke up and was still 77.9 kg. That is a disappointment but still a .3 kg improvement over yesterday at the same time. To drop only .5 overnight is very possible and does happen sometimes.

After 3 more hours, I dropped to 77.5 kg. This still put me at a .3 kg advantage over yesterday. These numbers are disappointing. But if I can get better results from the run, all will be good. 1.1 kg or more would be okay. Considering how things have gone lately, though, even that is not guaranteed.

I dropped to 76.2 after the run, which was a decrease of 1.3 kg. That means I lost .4 kg today. That’s a nice recovery of yesterday’s gain of .3 plus an additional .1 kg. The 1.3 drop during the run gives me hope that I can continue losing what is necessary with these jogging sessions.

It’s still puzzling that my during-run weight loss during summer has dropped from about 1.5 to 1.2. Frankly, I just can’t do much more. So the only other option would be to modify my diet. That’s something I could do if necessary. But I prefer the imperfect but effective diet I have now. Nonetheless, I am willing to make adjustments if necessary.

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