New Short-Term Goal Of 75.9 KG

Day 278

I am coming off of a very good day where I lost .4 kg. That followed a poor day of .3 kg of weight gain.

Both of these days consisted of a 90-minute run. But the big difference was my diet. Quite simply, I ate too much and made poor choices on Day 276, while I watched myself more closely yesterday and reversed that completely plus lost back an additional .1 kg. In other words, I went from 76.4 to 76.7 and then back down to 76.3.

I want to set a very short-term goal today. If I can get back to 75.9 kg, then I will just run one hour the day after that. Even if it does cause me to gain a litte, that is okay with me since it’s a good tradeoff for cutting 30 minutes off of my running session. To achieve this, I would have to lose .4 kg. That is not something that you can plan to achieve in just one day (results are too unpredictable even if you do well on diet and exercise). But I can hopefully reach this within the next 3 days or so.

My weight rose to approximately 79 at the max today, which is similar to yesterday. So I may have a good day here. But it’s not looking like a stellar day yet. I’ll just have to see how much my weight drops overnight. One thing that is certain is that my run in the morning will be 90 minutes again. It was only about 4 days ago that I took a break day. So while my body is a little tired, it’s still up to the task of my normal jogging routine. When my body reaches a certain point, it will be time to cut the duration even if I don’t hit the 75.9 first. Either way, after 277 days being in Pentamize weight maintenance mode (but going back into full mode at times to recover), I am still plugging along in the 76 kg range, which is plenty close enough to my 75 kg target maintenance weight (it was NEVER meant to be exactly that every day).

I had poor results overnight, waking up at 78.2 kg. That figure is disappointing, and I don’t really understand it. However, it was approximately 3 hours before the weigh-in, and my workout is still coming. Nonetheless, 78.2 is something like .7 more than yesterday at about the same time. This is not going to get me anywhere near 75.9 kg. I’ll be doing good to get to 76.7 at this point. Hopefully, I won’t give back the full .4 kg that was lost yesterday.

Before exercising, I dropped to 77.8. My run was pretty dang hard, and I still lost only 1.1 kg. I was a little surprised by that because my heart rate was around 140 at the end of the session. However, this dropped me to 76.7 kg. After hitting the head, my final weigh-in (it was a little earlier than yesterday) was a 76.6, for a daily weight gain of .3 kg. I feel that it would have been only about .1 if I had waited the full time. So I am not so unhappy with this result. It’s just a little annoying that it means yet another 90-minute run tomorrow.

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