Good Weight Loss Even With Average Run Result

Day 277

I am now coming off a day of weight gain of .3 kg. This occurred despite a 90-minute run. My biggest mistake was going up to about 79.4 kg at the highest. A related problem was continuing to eat past 8 at night, with my bedtime being about 11.

Today, I am trying to have better control over my diet. Most of the time, I am exercising, with few break days. So my biggest problem is usually a lack of diet discipline when I have a bad day. Ideally, I really need to stay away from the 79 range at all times. I am writing this at 5:30 in the afternoon and am currently at about 79.0 kg. It’s time to put on the brakes, or I am just going to end up repeating what happened yesterday. I am a little hungry but certainly not famished. So it’s time to sacrifice a little because yesterday’s gain of .3 kg is not something I need to repeat.

Also, I am in danger of going back up to the 77 range. And this is what I like to avoid for the most part. I don’t mind being around 76 or even close to 76.5. But hitting 77 is getting close to 5 pounds over my maintenance weight. That can be hard to recover from, depending on the circumstances. So today’s goal is to not go over 79 and to also finish well into the 76 range (meaning moving well below 77.0) after running.

Although I did hit about 79.0, I also dropped to about 78.4 at bedtime. And that dropped down to 77.7 overnight. That was .7 kg better than yesterday at about the same time. This is looking like a big day for weight loss. And this time, I can say with more certainty what the key factor is – my own Pentamize tracking. And I mean the hardcore, rigorous tracking that you see me doing here on a daily basis. Get my book for full lessons on how to do this at home as a part of your overall weight loss plan.

Before running, I went to the bathroom and then weighed in at 77.5 kg. That was still a big .7 kg advantage over yesterday at the same time.

One slightly bad thing that happened is my run result was not very good. I only dropped to 76.5 kg, which is a decidedly poor 1.0 kg. I definitely ran slower than yesterday due to having a lower energy level. My heart rate was around 116 to 120 at the end. Despite that, it was still a .4 kg advantage over yesterday and already a weight loss of at least .2 kg, with 2 to 3 hours to go before the final weigh-in. This is a successful day even with what is currently a below-average exercise result. As I always like to stress, all you need is a winning combination of diet and exercise to lose weight or maintain your current level. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it must “even out” to a successful level. On a day like today, I needed good diet discipline to lose weight since my run result was not so good. On other days, if I eat a little too much, I will need a better exercise result. There is more than one combination that will achieve success.

I dropped to 76.3 kg, which was a weight loss of .4 kg today. Although the earlier advantage was partially erased by a less-than-average run result, the overall daily weight loss was still excellent.

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