Big Weight Loss Helps Make Up For Break Day

Day 275

Starting Weight: 77.5 kg
Ending Weight: 76.4 kg
Result: lost 1.1 kg

After yesterday’s break day, I started out with one advantage as far as short-term weight loss. I did not need to drink a lot of extra water. However, I naturally ate what I felt was needed and had my usual cups of coffee. Nonetheless, I ate a little too much, finishing at 79.2 kg at about 9 at night. This was up from 77.5 kg.

1.7 kg is a bit more than what I would have wanted. Part of this was due to some questionable snack choices, like a little bit of cake and a smallish amount of ice cream. However, the good part is that I will definitely be able to lose weight today. But how much is not clear. It depends largely on how much my weight drops overnight. If it drops to just 78.5 kg, that would still be pretty good and would put me in great shape to lose a lot of weight today.

It would be nice to immediately get back into the 76 range. To do that, though, I may have to drop to about 78.3 by morning. That is a drop of .9 kg. Since I did not drink much water today, that seems a bit high of an overnight drop. However, I am just guessing here. Even having done over a year of Pentamize tracking, one thing I have never found a way to predict with any accuracy is how much weight I will lose overnight. It varies like crazy.

When I woke up and urinated, my weight was 78.3 kg. That was an overnight drop of .9 kg, as I had gone to bed at 79.2. This drop is not as much as the recent average. However, it may simply be due to the fact that I didn’t drink as much water yesterday. Thus, the expectation is there would have been less water in my system to begin with. All in all, I am happy with the .9 loss, and that was at 7:30 in the morning. So I am setting up for a very big weight loss today by the time my run is completed.

At 11 in the morning, which was right before my run, I had achieved a big drop down to 77.7 kg. That was an additional .6 kg in about 3.5 hours since getting up. A lot of this was from going to the bathroom. The weight loss will be huge today, although it would be difficult to get all the way back down to 76.3, which was Day 273’s final tally. Nonetheless, this is big even if I come up a little short.

If I took another break day today, then I would still only be .2 kg up. However, I am ready to run now and drop this weight after yesterday’s break.

I had a great run, finishing at a heart rate of about 156 to 160. The downer is I lost only 1.2 kg during this run, which seemed extremely low for the work that I put in. However, I was thinking that it may be because there wasn’t so much water in me to sweat out since I didn’t drink much over this daily period. That may be the reason for the low 1.2 loss. At any rate, I lost .1 kg more after going to the bathroom and weighed in at 76.4 kg. This is a HUGE daily loss of 1.1 kg, which is more than 2 pounds. I almost got back to my 76.3 in one day. That is, I gained 1.2 on yesterday’s cheat day and then lost 1.1 today. This is great to me because it shows that a break day is something you can recover from quickly if you watch your diet on that break day and get in a good workout. More on this topic will be included in tomorrow’s blog post.

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