Need To Recover From 3rd Cheat Day In 8 Days

Day 273

I am in a somewhat unusual situation. Due to various circumstances, I had my 3rd cheat day in 8 days yesterday. I like to keep them to 1 or 2 per month.

Nonetheless, I have managed to come out of this period at 76.0 kg. That is actually not so bad, as the starting point the day before the first cheat day was 75.1 kg. Thus, over the course of 8 days, I have gained .9 kg. But that is .9 kg that included 3 cheat days. Things could certainly be far worse than that. So I am not feeling too bad even though the result has been an overall gain of almost 2 pounds. Also, .6 of the .9 was just yesterday. So I have yet to have the opportunity to burn all of that off. All things considered, my long workouts have done a pretty good job of keeping me from getting out of control.

The somewhat minimal damage can be made up with probably a couple of good days. However, I am not setting a goal of quickly getting down to 75.1 kg again. As long as I am in the 75 range, I feel that is a good maintenance weight.

Unfortunately, today is not going well. It looks like I may be gaining weight again instead of recovering. After apparently eating too much (I didn’t track my diet very closely today), I rose to about 79.0 by bedtime. Then, I got up, went to the bathroom a couple of times, and then weighed in at 77.8. That was at close to 7:30 in the morning. Even yesterday, which was a cheat day, I was at 77.6 before running. And I started that run at about the same time as today’s 77.8 weigh-in. Thus, I am actually up .2 kg compared to yesterday at the same time. However, there is still hope of making that up on the run, as yesterday’s result of 1.3 kg of weight loss during the run was just okay. Nonetheless, this is not looking good because I will have to lose a total of 1.8 kg in the next 4 hours or so just to break even.

Regardless of what happens, it is clear to me what the problem is. For me, it always goes back to tracking. If I don’t RIGOROUSLY track my diet, I WILL accidentally overeat on some days. I try not to track everything. But when things start to get out of control, that’s when rigorous Pentamize tracking allows me to get back to the business of successfully losing or maintaining my weight. While I can’t say precisely what happened today, I do know that the tracking has always proven to me to be the solution.

Despite a decent weight loss during the run of 1.4 kg, I ended up gaining weight today. The run dropped me from 77.8 to 76.4, and it was a darn fast pace for me. My heart rate was 156 at the end, although it certainly was not that high the whole time (I’d die before finishing). But it was a fast run for me, and I finished the day at 76.3 kg after losing an additional .1 kg before the final weigh-in.

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