Cheat Day Sees a Gain Of .6 KG

Day 272

Yesterday was great, and today is back to bad. I had a cheat day, and this was pretty much a full cheat day.

After a huge lunch (big hamburger, fries, nachos, coke, and more) and some dessert (ice cream and some drinks) and one more meal, my weight got all the way up to about 78.9 kg. That is 3.5 kg more than the morning’s final weigh-in of 75.4 kg. However, a pretty good amount of that is actually water. It’s not clear how much of this will come off by morning. But yesterday, I weighed 77.1 kg before my running session. It’s rather doubtful that my weight will fall that much overnight.

For now, I will not go right back into recovery mode. Instead, I will spend a day or two and see how much weight comes off with a couple of 90-minute runs. If things go well, such as getting back to about 76.0 kg, then I will reduce my run times on some days since my body is close to needing that. Perhaps I can get back down to 76 in 2 days. But that’s hard to predict. Heck, I might do it tomorrow. But that is pretty doubtful.

I could eat a little more but have decided to abstain the rest of the night and then run early in the morning. So my weight will at least not go above 78.9. It would be nice to drop to the 77 range, which would let me get into the 76 range after running.

I ate a very small snack before sleeping and was still 78.9 when I lied down. After getting a decent night’s sleep, I went to the bathroom and was about 77.7 kg. That was a pretty good drop of 1.2 kg, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I’ll run in a little while and will definitely at least be well into the 76 range.

Although I am not in recovery mode now, the situation calls for a 90-minute run. So that’s exactly what I am going to do. The point I am making is that the long run is not because of recovery mode. It’s a situational decision. I have a lot of weight to lose because of the cheating yesterday. So a long run is the right thing to do in these circumstances. This is true whether you are in full weight loss mode or maintenance mode, at least as per my own preferences.

Note that it’s always possible for you to permanently reduce your workout times or intensity in maintenance mode, as compared to full mode. However, I don’t find this advisable (at least for me) on or after a cheat day because it’s going to prolong your efforts in getting back to your target weight. But this is up to you. It is certainly natural, though, to do a little extra work when you need it.

I had what is now a pretty average result for my 90-minute run. I lost 1.3 kg, which reduced my weight from 77.6 to 76.3. And there are still about 3 hours before my official weigh-in. By average result “now,” I mean that I am now having some days losing 1.5 kg or more because it has warmed up some. When it was still cold every day, my weight loss during 90-minute sessions had reduced to only an average of about 1.1 to 1.2. But it’s getting closer to 1.4 lately. The reason you should learn Pentamize tracking is because these kinds of numbers can help you determine how much you need to work out in general and also on specific days.

Over the next 3 hours, I lost .3 kg and ended the day at 76.0 kg. That is a weight gain of .6 kg on this cheat day. Overall, I am not too upset about that.

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