Hit My Recovery Goal And Back To 75.4 KG

Day 271

Starting Weight: 75.8 kg
End Weight: 75.4 kg
Result: lost .4 kg

After a very solid Day 270, which saw a weight loss of .7 kg, I got within .3 kg of my recovery end goal of 75.5. That puts me close to getting back to regular maintenance mode. But I will not be setting a particular number of days to reach that or anything like that. Sometimes, I will have a one-day goal, such as “at least break even” or a similar goal. But I never have a goal such as “lose .6 kg in 3 days.” Weight loss is just too unpredictable to set such goals. This also applies even when not cheating on your diet or exercise regimen. So I am not inclined to set a deadline for hitting the 75.5.

Today did not start so well. I had a little bit of ice cream and a little bit too much food, including some rice and a peanut butter sandwich. Those are the kinds of food choices that cause me to get overweight. By 9 at night, I was 77.8 kg. However, this is still much better than the 78.3 kg at bedtime last night. I will have a small snack now and a little water and will probably hit bedtime at 78.0 or less. At least, that is my expectation. Normally, I would just go ahead and not eat anything else. However, I can afford to have a little more and will give myself that small reward for being ahead of yesterday’s weight status.

I ended up having too much of a reward, with one bottle of a beverage and a few chips in addition to a little bit of meat.

My sleep schedule also seems a bit messed up. After waking up before 4 in the morning, I could not go back to sleep for some reason. This can potentially cause a drop of even less weight overnight (meaning lack of adequate sleep can be a bad thing). Nonetheless, I weighed in at 77.4 kg at 6:30 in the morning. This was actually better than the 77.6 at yesterday’s wakeup time. However, I may need that advantage and maybe more due to the unusually high loss of 1.7 kg during yesterday’s run session. I am not going to sweat that, though. The fact that I am lower than yesterday’s weight after sleep makes today at least a partial success.

Before running at 10 in the morning, I had dropped some more to 77.1 kg. This put me .4 kg ahead of yesterday’s pace.

After a run that started out at a slow pace but ended really fast, I lost 1.5 kg, which put me at 75.6 kg. Just one more tenth of a kilogram, and I will have reached my short-term recovery goal of 75.5. With about 30 minutes left until weigh-in time, we’ll see if I can hit it.

I was actually able to lose .2 kg more. So my official weigh-in was 75.4 kg, and I have met my recovery-period end goal. So I am going to return to maintenance phase. However, I ended up having yet another cheat day on Day 272. Read tomorrow’s blog to see how I deal with this issue.

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