Lost .7 KG Today After Gaining .6 Yesterday

Day 270

This is the day after a partial cheat day, in which I saw a bad weight increase from 75.9 to 76.5 kg (.6 kg). Normally, I don’t have more than one or two cheat days a month. But in this case, I had two in one week just because of various circumstances, with the first cheat day also being a break day. These days have definitely taken a toll. I started at about 75.1 and ended Day 269 at 76.5. That is an overall increase of 1.4 kg.

Rather than set a recovery period that is to end when hitting 75.1 again, I felt it was better to just set at 75.5 so as not to be too hard on myself. Going too hard can be bad for my mental state because excessive dieting and exercise can lead to burnout. And that extra .4 kg from 75.5 to 75.1 could be very difficult. This is because my weight is pretty much what it needs to be already. So it wouldn’t be surprising to go several days and not be able to lose that extra .4 kg. It is already risky to demand a recovery with no break days until hitting 75.5. But this is the middle ground that I have decided upon for this particular recovery period.

I reached a max of close to 78.6 kg before finishing all food and drink for the day. So that was already better than the 79 at bedtime from yesterday’s cheat day. This bodes well unless I lose an unusually small amount of weight overnight since the 1.0 kg lost during yesterday’s 90-minute run can be easily matched or supposed when I work out in the morning. I may even have a chance to get down to 75.9 or better by the end of that workout session. But it would be very difficult to get down to 75.5, which would be cool since that is my current recovery end goal. That is not a problem, though, as recovery is expected to take a few days and maybe even a week if things go a little slowly. The hard part about recovery is running 90 minutes pretty much every day. But this is the sacrifice I need to make if I am going to have a cheat day.

My weight was around 78.3 at sleep time. That is a solid improvement of .7 kg compared to yesterday. After waking up, I had a decent weigh-in result of about 77.6 kg. That was .4 kg better than yesterday. So as far as the comparisons go, the improvement this morning is down a bit over last night’s bedtime improvement of .7. This is not unusual because weight loss during sleep varies widely. If I maintain the .4 improvement over yesterday, that would be a final weigh-in of 76.1 kg. However, it could be better or worse, depending on many factors. The good thing is this is definitely an improvement over yesterday’s cheat-day results. But it would be nice to lose more than 1.0 kg for this run that is coming up in less than an hour from the time I am writing this.

I dropped to 77.5 kg right before the run. Then, something surprising occurred. I dropped 1.7 kg during this run, which put me at 75.8 kg. That was a big surprise. However, I was sweating a lot more than recent jogging sessions because it was finally actually a little warm for this morning’s run. I also ran fairly hard and finished the session with a heart rate of about 140. That is also more than usual.

At my final weigh-in, I was still 75.8 kg. This is a very big drop, and one of the key differences appears to be the large difference in weight lost during the run. Of course, I also ate less than yesterday, which helped me, as well. With those 2 things combined, I rocketed downward and lost .7 kg today. It doesn’t get a lot better than that. Even in full weight-loss mode with 50 pounds to lose, I averaged about .4 kg on 90-minute run days.

I will still be in recovery mode, but my goal of 75.5 is now within striking distance. We’ll see if I can lose at least .3 on Day 271. It might not happen, but there is plenty to be happy about with today’s result.

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