Gained .6 KG On a Partial Cheat Day

Day 269

Under my current schedule, I do my workout and then the official weigh-in to end each daily period in the early afternoon. For Day 268, I was down to 75.9 kg at that early afternoon weigh-in.

This is a partial cheat day because of a barbecue cookout. However, it’s a school party for kids and only lasts a couple of hours. We aren’t talking about a drunk fest and all-night BBQ here. So that’s why I am calling it a partial cheat day.

The party is at 4 to 6. Before going, I had one meal and water after the run. And after going to the bathroom, that raised my weight to 76.8 kg. Hopefully, I will avoid going above 79. I do expect to gain a little weight today even after running in the morning. But let’s hope it’s not too much.

At any rate, it’s clear that my recovery period will continue, as I will be well above the 75.5 mark that I have set to exit recovery mode and reenter regular weight maintenance mode. Thus, I expect to run for 90 minutes in the morning or possibly tonight if my body feels like it after the party. That might be difficult to do when considering that I just finished a 90-minute run at about 12 noon.

After the party, my stomach was too full to work out. So the exercise session will have to be in the morning. My weight ballooned up to about 79.0 kg, which put me close to where I was after the day trip and cheat day on Sunday/Monday. It’s a little better than that, though, because I was about 79.3 on that day when going to sleep. However, it’s not clear at all how much I will lose overnight. So it could be less than 1 kg or even 1.5 kg, depending on factors (digestion rate and the like) that simply can’t be tracked, at least to the average person trying to lose weight at home. At any rate, 79.0 before going to sleep is bad but expected on a cheat day. So I am not too upset.

Unfortunately, I only dropped to 78.0 while sleeping. Then, things got even worse when I ran for 90 minutes and somehow only dropped to 77.0. The only good thing is that I went to the bathroom two more times before the official weigh-in and was able to get down to 76.5. That made for a weight gain of .6 kg on this partial cheat day. That means I am 1.0 kg above my target weight for ending this recovery period. So it’s probably going to be a while until I can reach that.

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