Loss Of .3 KG As Recovery Slowly Improves

After a topsy turvy time on Day 267, it would be nice to lose a little weight on Day 268. In fact, it’s pretty important to try to lose at least some because I have a partial cheat day on Friday (Day 269). My daughter’s school is having a summer cookout party. Since it’s for kids, there won’t be any alcohol or hours of munching on food. But I’ll be drinking some coke and having a decent-sized meal. It’s what I like to refer to as a partial cheat day.

My thinking is the key today is to stay well below the ridiculous 79.0 kg that I got up to last night before going down slightly and sleeping at 78.8 kg.

At about 5:30 in the evening, my weight was at around 78.2 kg. So I was doing pretty good at that point. One more small meal, and I should be okay as far as staying well below 79.

At 8:30 p.m., my weight was 78.4 kg. It probably peaked at around 78.6 since the 78.4 was after going to the bathroom. This is at least .4 kg better than yesterday. And I may lose a little more before lying down to sleep. When measuring myself right before sleeping, I had dropped a little to about 78.2.

After waking up and going to the bathroom, I had dropped to 77.5 kg. That is .7 kg during sleep, including urination. This is much better than yesterday. As long as I drop a little more before the run, I should be able to lose some weight. As usual, I am abstaining from eating or drinking anything between getting up and starting my workout. This is the routine I am following now. You certainly don’t have to follow the same routine, as it will depend on your own personal scheduling and preferences.

At run time, I had dropped an additional .3 kg, to 77.2. That is way better than the 77.8 from the same time yesterday. With a .6 kg advantage, I should be able to lose weight now. However, it’s vital to understand that it’s not possible to predict exactly how much you will lose during a particular workout session on a specific day. This means I need to just go ahead and run the 90 minutes instead of guessing how much I need to run. And this is particularly true since I am about to enter a partial cheat day. However, under normal weight-maintenance conditions, I sometimes use a “time matching” technique that allows me to reduce workout times. You can run a search on this Pentamize website to find articles about time matching and read several examples of it from recent experiments on that technique.

My run produced decent results of a loss of 1.3 kg, which put me at 75.9 kg. Unlike yesterday, I did not pee much after the run. So that additional drop did not occur. My official weigh-in ended up at 75.9 kg. That is a still a good weight loss of .3 kg today. A nice drop like that before the partial cheat day makes me feel good.

This recovery is not doing so good yet. I was 76.1 and then 76.2 and then finally had a good day with a 75.9. My recovery will convert back to normal maintenance once I hit 75.5. This could be some time due to tomorrow’s partial cheat day.

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