Slight Weight Gain On 3rd Day Of Recovery

Day 267

On my first day of this recovery period, I got down to 76.1 kg. There is no daily weight loss to report for that day because I was coming off a 2-day period instead of a one-day period. However, even after working out, I had gained 1.0 kg over that 2-day period, which included a cheat and break day. Yesterday was the 2nd day of recovery, and I broke even. My weight was 76.1 kg again.

This 3rd day of recovery is not going great. I rose to about 78.3 and was still hungry. So I had to eat a little more. And even after eating a little more, I still had some slight hunger pangs. It certainly isn’t helping that I had a can of soda, which is never a good thing from a weight-loss perspective. I got all the way up to around 79.0 by 9 at night. This is looking bad. But if it’s because I am legitimately hungry, then maybe this is my body telling me I at least temporarily need more food. I simply won’t starve unless it seems I am gaining 5 to 10 pounds or some other ridiculous amount. In that case, instead of starving myself, I would probably have to make diet changes (this generally means more vegetables and less of something else).

This weight gain could make for a difficult day when I wake up tomorrow. I’ll almost certainly have to run 90 minutes yet again. However, I will hopefully at least drop to about 77.5 by exercise time. That would at least allow me a chance to break even.

After going to bed at around 78.8 kg, I woke up, went to the bathroom, and weighed in at 78.1 kg. However, that was at 6:30 in the morning. That was about 3 to 4 hours before it was time to exercise. This is a bad number but expected to drop some (how much is never clear).

At 10:30, I dropped a little to 77.8 kg. It doesn’t appear that I can avoid gaining a little weight today. To get down to 76.1 would be 1.7 more kilograms. And since I will be officially weighing in shortly after the running session, I am expecting something like 76.5. This is not totally disappointing because I kind of expected it after eating a little extra yesterday. My body probably needed more energy, and this situation cannot be avoided at all times.

After writing the above paragraph, I went on a run and actually lost 1.4 kg despite taking a slow pace. I needed to take that slow pace because my body was feeling pretty low on energy. Then, after going to the bathroom, I managed to drop an additional .2 kg. That put me from the pre-run weight of 77.8 all the way down to 76.2 kg. Wow. I turned a really bad there into almost a breakeven day. I gained .1 kg from yesterday’s 76.1. This feels more like a success than a failure since the expectation was much worse than the eventual small weight gain.

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