Broke Even On Second Day Of Recovery

Day 266

It is now the second day of recovery from my break/cheat day, where I had a huge increase from 75.1 to 79.5 kg. That is an enormous increase. However, on my first day of recovery, I had a fantastic weight loss back down to 76.1 kg.

Despite the great recovery day, my weight increased quite a bit throughout the day. I got up to about 78.4 kg and was still a little hungry. However, that was still well below the 79.3 that I was before going to bed last night and only a little more than the 78.1 this morning right after waking up. Nonetheless, I decided it was time to sacrifice and try not to eat anything until bedtime or eat a very small snack weighing no more than about .1 kg. That will have to tide me over until the morning weigh-in. Otherwise, I might be right back where I was last night. That’s not good because I’d like to continue my recovery and lose a little for Day 266, as well. But at the very least, I need to avoid gaining weight.

I did not eat anything and went to bed just a little hungry. However, I dropped very little weight overnight and was still 77.8 kg when waking up. That was several hours before the official weigh-in, though. And I still have to run. It will likely be another 90-minute run because I plan on staying in recovery mode until hitting about 75.5 kg. Then, I will slow down on the exercise if possible. This will depend on how my diet goes. If I eat too much, then I will be forced to keep up the 90-minute runs. But if I have better discipline and diet control, then I will reduce on at least some days.

Since my weight was about 77.3 before running, it would have been too risky to reduce the time even down to just 75 minutes. So I ran 90 minutes and then weighed in at 76.1, which was a weight loss of 1.2 kg during the session. The 76.1 is exactly what I weighed in at yesterday morning. It looks like a breakeven day, which is okay for me. Even recovery periods can have breakeven days. Also, I am weighing in about 45 minutes earlier than yesterday. So this possibly could have been a weight loss instead of breakeven. But I decided it was time to get something to eat. Therefore, Day 266 is ending perfectly even, at 76.1 kg.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably need to run a full 90 minutes regardless. Although one breakeven day during recovery is fine, two in a row or one followed by a weight gain would definitely be going in the wrong direction. So I’ll need to keep up the hard work on the exercise front to make this a faster recovery.

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