Break And Partial Cheat Day In One Produces Dreadful Results

Day 264

There is going to be substantial damage to my Pentamize weight maintenance mode today. That is because I will be going on a one-day trip and won’t be able to exercise. And since I’m going to be out of town, I’ll be eating out a couple of times and also having a snack or two.

I will try to at least not to have any huge meals even though it’s clear that I am going to gain weight by the end of this period.

The weigh-in for this is going to be several hours late. And since the Day 265 weigh-in will be at the normal time, the period for Day 265 will be less than 24 hours. But I need to do that to get back to a normal schedule. Thus, I will go ahead and weigh myself a few hours late for Day 264 when getting back from the day trip. And although that is not exactly 24 hours, I will accept this as the 24-hour result. I am just stating this for the record so it is clear that my weight for Day 264 is likely to be way over since I can’t even weigh in at the usual time.

After weighing in some 10 hours late, my weigh-in was far worse than expected. I had a devastating weight gain to 79.5 kg, which is a whole 4.5 kg over the Day 263 final weight. It is good that I managed to get down to 75.0 before this horrid day.

How did I gain so much? Well, I pretty much ate and drank anything I wanted. That included donuts, coke, chips, and plenty of rice. In other words, I pretty much broke all the rules even though I did not have any one huge meal. On my cheat days, I do prefer to have just one big meal. But 36 hours of losing all discipline and nibbling constantly took a major toll.

Of course, I am going to have to get back to running 90 minutes every day starting on Day 265 (tomorrow).

Although I was up to 79.5 today, also keep in mind that I did not exercise at all, either. This is the danger of a cheat day that is also an exercise break day. It’s like a double whammy at the same time. However, even having taken a break and cheated on my diet, I am surprised to shoot up about 9 pounds. That is mind-numbingly shocking and the most I have measured so far in only a little more than 24 hours. However, that weigh-in was just after eating 3 more donuts and drinking coke. So a lot of this weight will hopefully drop overnight.

There is one other thing to mention. Over this period, I have only been able to take some short cat naps. Because I took two long train rides, it was very difficult to get any sleep. So lack of sleep probably caused me to keep even more of the weight on. So while everything that could go wrong has gone wrong today, there is hope that most of this weight will fall off pretty fast. Of course, I will be working out every day to aid in this recovery.

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