Last Day Before a One-Day Break

Day 263

It is now Saturday, June 10, 2017. This daily period ends on Sunday morning. And it will have to include a 90-minute run because the period from Sunday morning to Monday morning will be a break day. Since I will be taking a day trip, it will also basically be a cheat day. However, there is no plan to have a huge meal. Rather, I will probably be having more snacks than usual and perhaps a bit more regular food overall since I will be eating outside the house. My meals will probably include some fast food.

Starting Saturday, I got off to having quite a bit of water and food after the morning run. So I rose quickly from 74.9 to 76.6 kg. I need to slow down some now because this can get out of hand. It’s difficult because I am hungry now. And that may be because of the pretty dramatic total weight loss of .8 kg over the past 2 days. That is quite a drop for maintenance mode, and my body obviously is not going to keep that up much longer. So I at least have to consciously slow down a little bit here on the food intake.

I stress this so much in my Pentamize book. But the thing is that I am giving you a perfect example right here in this blog post about why it’s so important to weigh yourself. Let’s say that I did not weigh myself and find out that I quickly rose to 76.6. I could very well just keep on eating because I really am still a little bit hungry. So while I will eat some more to give my body what it needs, I am now conscious of the fact that I have to be careful about how much I eat. If you don’t track this, there is simply no way to monitor when you need to slow down on your eating.

The only other option is to literally eat the same things and the same amount every single day. That plan just doesn’t work for me because my hunger level changes depending on the day. So it would be very difficult from both a physical and mental perspective to eat like a robot every day. For example, it would force me to go hungry some days and may even force me to eat too much on other days. That might work for you, so I won’t say not to do it. You can always test that out and see how it works for you. But there is no way it is going to work for me. This is why I track everything even on an intraday basis since it’s the only way I can monitor and determine when changes on the fly need to be made.

I went to bed at close to 77.0 and woke up at 76.3 kg. Then, I went on an early 90-minute run and had a pretty good result, ending at 75.2 kg. Then, after going to the bathroom, I ended the day with an official weigh-in of exactly 75.0 kg.

Today showed a small gain of .1 kg, but that is practically breakeven. And this still shows a weight loss of .7 kg over the past 3 days. That is exactly what I wanted to do before the break day. This result is a big success.

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