2nd Day In a Row Losing .4 KG

Day 262

After one of the most unexpected weight losses yesterday that I have ever had, it will be important not to lose focus and discipline today. I almost feel like celebrating because of yesterday’s great results. However, that would be a big problem at this point in time because I will be having a break day on Monday (today is Friday). So I need to keep working hard and watch my diet until Monday. That is because I’ll already have enough weight gain to erase starting on Tuesday. I don’t want to make it even worse by celebrating today or letting up the next 2 days.

After the great weight loss this morning (.4 loss and down to 75.3 kg), I had a little water and tried to keep my food intake down. By 7 at night, I was about 76.7 kg. That is a pretty good start. However, I am a little hungry and will eat one more small meal. My hope is to stay at or below 76.9 kg by the end of that last meal.

At 8:30, I had gone down to about 76.5 kg. But it was definitely time to have one more meal. It was a little bigger than I would have wanted but was definitely still a smallish meal. My weight at bedtime was 76.7. That is only 1.4 above the morning weigh-in and the best position that I have been in in weeks. One difference today is that I had no yogurt. Recently, I have eaten about .5 kg of yogurt per day. Hmm. Is it possible that yogurt is the culprit that has been hurting me? That’s not to say that the yogurt is something that I should not eat at all. But perhaps half a kilogram of it per day is a little too much. Cutting to .25 kg per day is something that should be considered. I really love my yogurt. But maybe the amount is wrong for my own weight maintenance phase.

My weight loss during the 90-minute run was disappointing. I actually lost 1.0 kg. However, that got me down to 75.1 kg since I had dropped from 76.7 to 76.1 overnight. Also, I had to run early due to scheduling issues. So after finishing the run at 8:30 in the morning, I had already lost .2 kg, with about 3 hours to go until the official weigh-in. Thus, I may lose a little more after going to the bathroom and maybe .1 or so extra just from naturally losing as a few more hours go by.

I weighed in a couple of hours early at 74.9 kg. That was another day with a loss of .4 kg. This amounts to a huge loss of .8 kg over the past 2 days.

I now have one more day for a 90-minute run (this will be on Sunday morning before my usual morning weigh-in) and then a break day. I have positioned myself extremely well by losing .8 kg the past couple of days. Now, the goal is to at least break even before this cheat day begins.

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