Direct and Indirect Diet Tracking

Day 261

Starting Weight: 75.7 kg
Ending Weight: 75.3 kg

I managed to break even yesterday with a 75-minute run. One of the problems I am having lately is that it seems that my weight is going up too much during the daytime. And it just isn’t dropping enough overnight for me to reduce my workouts. Something needs to change.

One of the things I am probably going to have to do is start rigorously tracking my diet. And I am already a rigorous tracker because my Pentamize tracking has been integral to my success. However, at least recently, I have not gotten down and dirty with diet tracking. But this is what I may have to do in order to decrease the duration of my exercise workouts. I can certainly work out a lot and am used to doing that. But more than 20 90-minute runs a month can take its tool after a while. And it seems like I am reaching that point. The key appears to be more extensive diet tracking.

In my experience, diet tracking is much harder than exercise tracking, which is actually quite easy since you just track your own body weight before and after exercise. But diet is more difficult because you eat multiple times a day, and it takes research if you want to count calories. To avoid calorie counting, I prefer to just weigh the food either directly or indirectly. Directly weighing the food consists of using a kitchen scale. Indirectly weighing food consists of tracking your body weight.

Personally, I use the indirect route because it’s just much easier to do that than to sit around counting calories or weighing food. And calorie counting is going to be highly subject to inaccuracy. It definitely has its place, but I prefer the easier route of indirect food weight tracking due to its ease and relative accuracy.

Caution: Tracking food by weight has one potential big drawback. If you eat high-calorie foods, then the weight of the food had better be small. If you eat lower-calories foods, then you can eat more in terms of weight. Someone who eats a lot of high-calorie foods may find that that weight “sticks” to the body. This can cause you to gain weight or at least have to exercise more to avoid gaining weight. Thus, you are going to need to track the results of various foods to determine how that affects your weight loss or gain or how much you have to exercise when eating those foods.

Conclusion: Diet tracking via food weight (particularly indirect tracking) is an easy way to take control of your diet in some situations. However, it can be affected negatively by the exact foods that you eat. So you need to plan out some daily meals, test them out, and then see what happens either with or without exercise. High-calorie foods are especially risky because it can force you to have to exercise so much that you simply can’t burn off all the excess calories. However, the fact remains that diet tracking is important because reducing your food intake is ultimately the best way to avoid consuming excess calories. If you eat too much, no amount of exercise will save you. So in some situations and for some people, your diet is the most important thing.

Today, I finished up with all my daily meals at around 77.5 kg. That is much better than recent results. I have been as high as 78 at bedtime. And I may drop all the way to 77.2 or even less today by bedtime. So diet tracking has helped me a lot today.

Although I did not drop to 77.2 by bedtime (it was 77.4), my overnight weight loss was looking pretty good. I was 76.6 after waking up, with 2 to 3 hours left before deciding how long to run. Unfortunately, I only dropped to 76.4 when it was time to make a decision. But that is still pretty good, and 60 minutes is likely enough to get close to even. It would be nice to run only 60 minutes today and then do 90 the next 2 days because I have a break day on Monday due to a long day trip. So while it’s possible to lose only .6 kg during a 60-minute run and gain slightly, that is close enough to even. I have decided to definitely run only 60 minutes.

Wow! I just had a huge surprise. After running hard for 60 minutes, I lost 1.1 kg, dropping all the way to 75.3 kg. So I actually lost .4 kg today. That is one of the best surprises I have had yet throughout the course of my Pentamize tracking history. It helped that I ran really hard. My heart rate was about 164 at the end. But I ran at the end pace for at least the past 20 minutes or so.

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