Trying To At Least Break Even After 1-Pound Gain

Day 260

Yesterday, I finally imploded and gained over a pound after several days of pretty much breakeven results or weight loss. There’s only so long you can go, though, before you gain significant weight over a 24-hour period. This was bound to happen. And every time it does, I just focus on the positive. And that positive is usually that weight goes up and down a little naturally and that I have always bounced back from weight gain since developing the Pentamize tracking and weight loss system.

Today, I am just going to focus on at least breaking even. There is no need to try to lose back over a pound in one day. In fact, if possible, I would like to reduce back down to a one-hour workout tomorrow. In order to do that, I will use my time-matching approach. If it looks like I can run an hour and break even or lose weight, then I will run only one hour. Otherwise, I would certainly like to reduce to at least 75 minutes because my body is getting a bit tired.

From a daily start of 75.7 kg, I rose to about 78.0 at 5 in the afternoon. This is very good compared to yesterday. Even though I started at 75.2, my weight rose way too much yesterday, hitting 78.0 at bedtime. So I am already about .5 kg below compared to yesterday. If I go to bed at 77.5 or better, then that will be looking good for running about 60 minutes. But this obviously depends on how much I lose overnight.

By 9 at night, I had dropped to approximately 77.6. So things were looking good at that point. I woke up at 3 in the morning, went to the bathroom, and then weighed in at 77.2 kg. That’s a good start, but I am suddenly not sleepy. This could possibly negatively affect my weight loss since sleep is a great time to lose weight. But I should be okay as long as I don’t eat anything.

At 4:30 in the morning, I tried to sleep again and did manage to close my eyes. Unfortunately, I was still only 76.9 after getting up at around 8. And right before the 10:30 run, I was down to 76.7 kg. That is disappointing. I have no choice but to run 75 minutes because 60 is definitely not enough. It’s also not clear whether 75 will be enough to break even, considering that strange result yesterday of only 1.0 kg of weight loss with a fairly fast 90-minute session. Additionally, I will be running slow today unless I get an unexpected burst of energy. Sometimes, that burst of energy does come, but I can’t predict when it will happen. At any rate, I will accept a small weight gain if that comes to pass because my mind doesn’t feel ready for a full 90-minute run or for a fast pace.

I lost .8 kg during the 75-minute run. That got me down to 75.9. Then, after the bathroom, I officially weighed in at 75.7 kg. That put me at the exact breakeven point for the day. So I met my goal. The same goal goes for tomorrow since I am still in maintenance mode.

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