Crashed And Burned Today After Many Great Days

Day 259

I knew this was going to eventually happen. For at least 6 days in a row, I have either lost weight, broken even, or gained only .1 kg. That is a pretty long streak without any significant weight gain on a single day. And today was finally the day that my body adjusted in such a manner that the weight did not come off.

There were some mistakes today with my diet, and I paid for it this time even though I was able to overcome the mistakes yesterday. For the recent 5-day test, which ended 2 days ago, I largely avoided any significant mistakes in my diet choices. Yesterday, on the other hand, was a mess. I ate a bunch of chips and ice cream and ate too much in general. But yesterday, I was lucky that my 90-minute run resulted in an unexpectedly large amount of weight loss (1.7 kg). Nowadays, that 1.7 is unusual for me. So realistically, I expected to gain weight before starting that run and was fortunate that it worked out.

Today, I made some of the same diet mistakes. Snacks are fine, but I had a few too many chips. By bedtime, I had risen to about 78.0 kg. And although a lot of that was water, my weight didn’t drop overnight much like other recent days. Even after going to the bathroom, my weight was still only about 77.2 kg. At that point in time, it looked like a complete disaster was in the works. I had no choice but to run 90 minutes again. 77.2 is literally 2.0 kg over the previous official weigh-in. At that time, there were around 4 hours left until the official weigh-in.

After the first morning weigh-in, I started to drop slowly. It seemed like I wasn’t losing weight except when going to the bathroom. After going twice, my weight dropped to 76.8.

At that point, things looked decent. But something weird happened on the run. I ran my butt off and was even at a heart rate of around 146 at the end. But for some reason, I only dropped 1.0 kg during that run. That is very low for such a strong finish. The only thing I can think may have been the problem is there just wasn’t much of anything left to lose. I can’t possibly work out more than that. However, a bad day cannot always be prevented, and I was due for a bad day.

After going to the bathroom, I dropped to 75.7. That was my official weigh-in, so I gained .5 kg today. That is really bad, but I am just going to accept it as a natural correction because I have actually lost a lot of weight overall lately. Tomorrow, my goal will be to at least break even.

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